Who doesn’t love an upgraded and updated kitchen? But updating your kitchen might sometimes not fit our budget list. Plus, we know how daunting and time consuming the process of renovation sounds. But adding a few quick changes to your kitchen set once a while will not only add a different layer but will also keep it up to the trend. A few adding and discarding will help you bring about all the necessary changes that will give your kitchen a new and updated look.

Here we share our Kitchen update tips and tricks, know it yourself

Update the Kitchen Accessories

Time to swap the old accessories with the new modern ones. The growing technology has brought tremendous changes to the kitchen industries. Kitchen accessories like kitchen Trolley, cutlery trays, detergent holder, knife holder, under sink garbage bin, magic corners, kitchen Furniture etc give a sleek and stylish look to your kitchen. The magic corner is something that you should consider. They provide a real-time solution to fix the ignored corner space of your kitchen. They give a fancy look and offer a great amount of storage.

Add a Splash of Color to your kitchen cupboards

Cabinets are the heart and look of the kitchen. A large cabinet indicates a lot of space and a clutter-free look. Add a couple of coats to your cabinet to make them look fresh and new. It might sound hefty but is very affordable and worthy. Get a can or two of the color you want and some elbow grease to give it a final touch. A few strokes of paint will completely transform your kitchen giving it a new crisp look.

Modify the Hardware

Hardware is the most neglected element of a kitchen. Sometimes we install things that require a certain amount of knowledge and research like the kitchen tiles. Your cabinet knobs and pulls come under that category. Cabinet knobs and pulls can make or break the look of your kitchen. With plenty of designs, patterns and colors available, knobs and pulls can actually change the whole personality of your kitchen.

Add a Coffee Bar

Kitchen update

Imagine having your personal coffee bar without spending a dime. You just have to create a small different counter space for your coffee machine and other essentials.  Place the machine on the counter and other necessities above the shelf. This unique coffee bar will add an unusual and modern look for kitchen update.

Mix in some art

Kitchen update

This might sound unusual and rare but adding a touch of art to your kitchen is like taking it to another level. Add a bright and classy piece of painting to your kitchen wall or mix match it with a few fancy posters. This will add a different character and an artsy look to your kitchen.

Experiment with lighting

A bright and light indicates positivity. Swap your regular bulbs with pendant lights or clamp lamp or brighter bulbs. You can also go for task lights or other integrated lights to brighten up your kitchen counter and cabinets. Under-cabinet lights are the new trend. They look uniquely sleek giving a sophisticated look to your kitchen.

Add Greens

Indoor plants are a true blessing! Indoor plants add natural decor to your kitchen. Plants are an essential part of our living and have many health benefits. Having an indoor plant will help you purify the intoxicated air and their presence will calm and soothe your mind. These plants not only help in brightening your kitchen but creates a fresh and positive setting. Plants like English Ivy, White Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Cast Iron Plant, etc are a few best plants that will change the look and feel of your kitchen.

Set up a lavish Rug


Rugs add beautiful texture, pattern and color to your kitchen. You can either coordinate the rug with the decor or create a whole different contrast look. Either way, you will end up giving a new and elegant look. The same goes for the curtains, try having a neutral color curtain to maintain the brightness of the kitchen. Dark, heavy and bright curtains will again make the place look dull and boring.

Go for a pantry

your kitchen

Installing a pantry is worth the investment. It is an answer to all your storage issues and cluttered cabinets. Installing a pantry will not only increase your space but will also help you to keep your cabinets and drawers clutter-free. A pantry is divided into different sections to systematically organize your everyday kitchen essentials. It is easy to access and can save your time on busy, chaotic mornings.

Start storing things into fancy jars

your kitchen

Minimal and quite useful. Jars give a rich and classy look for kitchen update. You can literally store every edible essential in the jars. They are cleaner if compared if plastic and can keep your food fresh for a long time. They are one of the best storage containers and will help you to get an organized and clutter-free look.

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