Rules at work are purely based on my personal experience. having experience for more than 15+ yrs, especially 11+ yrs in one multi-national company, this is what I have learnt.

1. Make Work look equally fun as boring it can be – based on my last work experience, all that matters are what has made me laugh, what made me stick to that job, the fun and festivities we celebrated etc. I don’t remember which email I sent to whom. Work but at the same time, make each moment a memorable one. They say, days and time spent will never be back. Make your work life worth it.

2. Stay away from Negativity – we work in a living environment, with different kind of peoples, so expecting all to think like would not be possible. But if anyone is spreading negativity, use it for your well-being by trying to discipline yourself. Negative person is either Egoistic or with less knowledge and experience or may be in that position due to some favoritism. You may avoid such people in your list, or just maintain professional work relationship.

Rules at Work

Rules at Work

3. Not all are your friends: Limit your social life at workplace. As all are not your friends, and not all are you’re interested in your life. So, limit discussing your life. Also, it would be affecting your work life, but discussing your personal or other life during working hours.

4. Stay away from giving opinions – we do not need to give our opinions if we are not a part of the conversation or if we are not asked for it. It could disappoint you, if your opinion is not respected to listen even. Yes, if it is work related which can benefit the company and work in any form be firm with your opinion. Do not let others take credit for your opinion.

5. Stop Judging or avoid gossiping – its is quite obvious that if any person enters into a boss cabin, we start to assume stories may be he or she is bitching about us or may be he will be promoted soon etc etc… it would be of no concern to you. You have your job role, you do it, see how you can improve yourself in what you are doing, rather than siting and judging others.

6. Be organized at the same time be responsible – coming on time and going on time are not just the limitations for work life. In today’s time, punctuality is important however, not limited. You might have to break this thought of sticking on to time. Its okay to work from home, be late come late, what counts is, is the work being done.

7. Always Protect yourself – everything you do, you should be responsible for it. You should own it. Which means you are responsible not only for your work done, but accountable for yourself and for the company. So utmost care needs to be taken while handling any projects, when money is involved. Also remember need not count the chicken prior they are hatched.

8. Get the Job Done – you are never asked how you did it, were you awake or you did it in your sleep. But you did it all that matters. Being responsible means getting your job done. This should be a reason for getting noticed than for any other things. Your performance, your timing to complete your project, your sincerity, your accuracy etc. You set your rules at work in order to get your job done.

9. Never stop learning life is always a learning subject, so it’s no different at work. Limiting yourself to work that you are assigned and delegating to other departments need to stop. You need to take initiative to learn and understand how other department works, it not only helps you to understand their challenges, but also helps you to be proactive. I’m stating here, that you need to do their work, but learning is no harm. Like in our company, operations job is to pass on the details to accounts once job is completed. However, during meeting we come across invoices are sent late, reason is not sure most of the time, while accountant states they are following up for the invoices.

Here ops team can help accounts by trying to collect the invoices on a timely manner. Well this is just one of example, but there are so many other things we can learn, which will help in being more effective than every time relying on others.

10. Stop bullshitting – giving excuses, trying to blame, not meeting deadlines etc. needs to be stopped immediately. Unless you are not interested in working or forced to work. Reality is you are not only fooling yourself but costing the customer to your company.

11. PRO TIP: Stop running around the problem – everyone knows that there are problems at every step, but that does not mean, you sit with the problem or complicate it more. Rather work around it find a solution if not permanent at least temporary. Set an example. But do not keep using the same problem each time as an excuse.

Well, I’m sure each one has their own view in each content, if you think you have something to share on this, please do write to us. would love to read and share.

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