Its easy for us to follow something and live our life. We are trained to follow certain ways from childhood. We do take things for granted. But after certain time, we start to realize what real life is. We want to change ourselves, at times its too late. But i wish, we are understand and learn all the good things, at very early age. Surely can have a better life.

  1. Parents: they need us most as they grow old, so give them time. Shower them with love. Let them do what they want. I know my parents get most cranky than anyone, but sometimes I ignore. Yet they too forget and call me. But they should be our priority. Love them do not blame them.
  1. Past mistakes: who has not done any mistakes, but don’t live with it. I’m sure you have learnt a lot more from them. Either ways, at least would have helped you realize who is true to you. Regret your mistake, be sorry but let go off.
  1. Stronger you: You are you, im sure everyone has their bunch of struggles, happiness, success, tears or pain. But you are way stronger than you think. So, believe in it. Each time you want to break down, think of an instance how you overcame worst days in your life.
  1. Fall in Love: this one is a must for everyone. You must fall in love, coz there is no alternative to feel this. Yes, true love is difficult to find, but if you have it, you are the luckiest one. Falling in love teaches you a lot of things, like me, I have learnt to respect, adjust, be happy, and doing little things for other person its just an amazing feeling.13 Rules of life
  1. Adjust:             Life is all about adjustments, from childhood till death… be at school or at work adjusting to the people, weather etc. is not just part its an art of life. But taking it positively is a skill that needs to be shown.
  1. Friends: Choose your friends wisely but do have few of them who can be a part of life forever. I have realized, when you are low, you need advices, you need to go for that stress busting drink it’s the friends who will be the right company.
  1. Trust:             Do not trust anyone blindly. But do not break any trust for the one who loves or care for you. Being truth in each relationship shows how much you value it. So be careful as trust is like the glass that once broken cannot be repaired with the same finish.
  1. Balance: for me balance is having time to spend time with my parents, my husband, my friends, my like nieces and nephews, is LIFE. I work, so weekdays I want to dedicate it to my work life which helps me make my living, at the same time, during weekends I would want to do rest of the things. Well not every time I would follow this routine, Prioritizing is something that I have learnt over the years, yet I’m happy that I balance my life pretty well.
  1. Limit your expectations: they say expectations lead to disappointment. Yes, I agree with this, I have experienced it. But even then, I can never give up expecting from few who are very close to my heart. But I have also realized, if we don’t expect anything and wait for things to happen, it does not work that way either. Well I would say limit your expectations and be ready to deal if you are disappointed.
  1. Value Money: I would love to meet the person, who states money can’t buy things. I would need an example who has done big without having money or property. Struggle period would be real, but at the end, all the struggle done is to earn that MONEY. So, value money, save and always try to find means which can multiply it.
  1. Keep learning: my college studies once done, I thought I have good studies, so I can get a job and start working immediately, but no I had to learn, how to talk to customers, how to handle registers, learn how a company runs, losses profits etc. then when I wanted to change my career had to learn. Now when I have my website, I’m still learning, from managing work + family + website etc. so its all about learning, which has no ends. Also respect each person who has contributed you to add knowledge.
  2. Set goals: having goals to achieve keeps you more active. It is a purpose for your living. When I chose to move to Dubai, I have loads of dreams, goals set. From having gold, to have a luxurious home were part of it. Having it of my own, was the challenge, yet the happiness you get when you achieve it, it is remarkable. Having helps you be more patient until you achieve it.
  1. Take care of your health: one of the most important thought for everyone. Health is wealth a proverb is truth. There is nothing if there is no health. Take care of it. Sleep well, reduce stress, have a balanced meal, work life. Take breaks. Save the environment.

these are few things that i jotted down, while sitting at workplace, topic came up when my father was sick, and i couldn’t go to see him. I was stuck between choices of life, my workplace, travel, financial. Of, course after some time i did go to spend time with him. I feel i run behind life, at times wanting to live a better life. But then, life gives its own surprises. Anyways, its never late. I have learnt few lessons and wish to do something better ahead.. Surely expect to help someone by writing what i feel.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee