If we get some free time we use to start relaxing, chatting with friends or waste the time with play stations. It doesn’t mean that leisure time is not for entertainment. But if we think intelligently then we can make our free time productive. If we have got some little chunk, suppose 10 to 12 minutes— there is no period to do our fun stuff.

Then what could we do in our leisure time?

lets talk about leisure time while we are at work. Leisure time activities can be made fun and also can keep us active throughout the day. Put the little slabs of time and use it in the most productive way. Everybody works differently, that’s why the usage of your leisure time totally relies on you and the working style. It’s easy to make a list in an order that you can find your way to utilize your free time quickly without any delay. You can follow the list of spark ideas what make your leisure time activities  productive.

1. Clear out the Inbox

If you get a 5 minutes break in a meeting, use it to empty the email and physical inbox. When you have got enough in the inbox then you will have to do quickly. Maybe you can’t do everything at a time but reducing the pile could be helpful for you. Mostly the empty inbox makes a refreshing feeling.

2. Reading Files

You can clip the magazine articles and print out some good reports or articles to read later & make a folder “Reading File” to keep them. Take it wherever you visit and whenever you get a little free time. You may knock off some items in the  Reading File. Try to keep your reading the file on the desktop or in the bookmarks. It will help you to read quickly when you are on a trip with your laptop.

3. Fileleisure time activities

Nobody wants to do that. When you will be on the top of the game, you will fill stuff immediately. Thus it won’t pile up. When you’ve come off some really busy stream, you might have plenty of files or documents laying around. If you’ve some big bunch of junk to file up, cut into the bunch with every slight extra time you get.

4. Phone Calls

Take some time and name a chart of contacts you have to call & carry this everywhere. Whether you are on a trip or at the desk, you may knock some calls off the chart in some short times.

5. Make Money

When you get 10 to 15 minutes of your free time in a day then try to find a reasonable side of income. Try to freelance the skills or work line up which you could knock out easily. Break that up into small slabs, so these slabs can do in small bursts.

6. Goal Time

Manage just 10 minutes and think about the professional and personal goals. Or you can start to list the goals if you do not have listed yet. After that review them and start a new beginning. Note down your steps on how you can achieve your goals. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start from the very first day & review them. Then try more and more to achieve your goal.

7. Network

Do you get only 2 minutes? Try to shoot off an email to your colleagues. Even a follow-up mail or “touching bases” can add admiration for the working relationship. You can shoot off some quick questions & put that on the follow-up chart for later.

8. Clear out the Feeds

If your mail inbox is clear and you’ve some extra time, you can visit the Google Reader & clear out your feed inbox.

9. Clear off your Deskleisure time activities

Same as that filing tip, but in this case, it applies to those junk you have got while cluttering up the desk and around the desk on the ground. File stuff, trash stuff and put those in its proper place. The clear desk brings your satisfaction.

10. Update your Finances

So many people mess up all finances either through doing transactions in financial software and paying bills when they do not have much time. Basically, they do it by clearing the cheque book and reviewing the budget. Only 10 to 12 minutes is enough to do this task.leisure time activities

11. Review Ideas

If you get just 5 minutes, just take your pocket notebook & start a reviewing chart of any article or project. Whatever you get in your personal or professional life. This is so much helpful to review your ideas and it doesn’t take much time.

12. Get Prepped

Summarizing is the best way to get ready for work. There are some different ways to get ready for your next job on the list. Maybe you don’t have enough time to start the task at a certain time. But after coming back from a meeting or breakfast. You will be all ready and prepared to go.

13. Exercise

If you find only 10 minutes then that will be sufficient for some crunches and push-ups. Per day you can easily do this 3 to 4 times to achieve a healthy body.

14. Go for a Walk

It is also a kind of exercise and it does not take maximum time. The main thing is that you can walk anywhere. Most importantly this a fine process to stretch the legs while you are sitting at a place too long. Even it helps to discover creative ideas. If you are stuck for any idea, go for a walk. It is a great process for getting unstuck.

15. Log

Maintain the log of everything. A little amount of time is enough to update your log. The exact time for updating your log is just after your lunch or exercise. Your five minutes break is enough to set up your log.

Final Words on our choice of leisure time activities:

Just try to add these leisure time activities in your habits. You will get a tremendous change in your vision of life. So don’t waste your leisure time, just use it in a productive way to achieve a better life.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!