Famous Festivals around the World is a unique topic for me. Since I started traveling I had made a list of places that I want to visit, few of the details of those places. Apart from traveling main reason to write on this topic is surely my workplace. I work for a corporate company, which has a staff strength of around 30, out of which we have 20+ different nationalities. Now isn’t that interesting. Festivals are one common topic we share at the workplace.  So here we present details on the Famous Festivals around the World.

Festival represents celebration, gathering, function, ceremony and many more. And if we talk about festivals worldwide then different countries named it differently. There are various festivals which people celebrate related to arts and cultures, food and wine, holidays or religion. Festivals not only represent enjoyment or celebration it also represents unity and harmony where we all gather and become together to honour each other with respect and glorify the idea of celebration.

Festival excites everyone from younger kids to the eldest one. And also why not If there will be happiness and bliss surrounding with a purpose. Let’s know more about the best festivals celebrated in the world.


One of the very famous festivals of India also celebrated in Nepal and Pakistan which happens to be in March where people celebrate with colours. People celebrate differently in a different part of India but colours are common to celebrate this festival. The day before Holi people worships Holika where they burn wood or branches and worship the fire.Famous Festivals around the World


Another known festival of India where people light candles or Diya and celebrate the night with firecrackers. People also worship Lord Ganesha and Laxmi and also Devi kali. This is normally celebrated all over India and Nepal. Celebration style would be different in a different culture but the intention would be the same.


Commonly celebrated in India, Pakistan and middle eastern countries which come right after the completion of Roza where people keep fasting for a whole one month and celebrate it joyfully. This festival represents brotherhood and unity.Famous Festivals around the World


It is the annual festival considered as cultural and religious, celebrated worldwide on 25th December remembering the commencement of Jesus Christ. Friends and family gathering with good food, music and gifts are the main sources of this day.

Carnival ( Rio De Janeiro)

Said to be the massive festival of the globe. Historically, considered as a religious celebration celebrated in Brazil. In this festival avenue or streets come alive where people enjoy traditional dance and music.

La Tomatina

Celebrated in Valencia Spain with vegetables especially with tomatoes. Because of its unique background, it is famous in the world and said to be the biggest nation’s food fight.

Mardi Gras Carnival

Also called a fat Tuesday which is celebrated in New Orleans Louisiana which starts in November with public events carried on thanksgiving and new year’s eve with private balls and parades.


This festival is celebrated in Thailand, China, part of India and most of southeast Asia. It is a traditional new year celebrated differently by different religions as per cultural values. In this tradition, people get back to their families and pay honour to their elders by sprinkling perfumed water.

Mevlana Whirling Dervish

Celebrated in Konya Turkey remembering saint Mevlana who is mainly known as Rumi. People celebrate this festival with divine music and whirling dervishes dance.

International Voodoo festival

Very common in Western Africa involving Ghana, Benin, Nigeria and Togo. This is an ancient tradition crucial to politics, morality and the social principle of several villages. This got prohibited due to some reason but again got restarted as this Is considered one of the pure forms of celebrations by their local to connect with God air any spirits.

Dia de Los Muertos ( Day of the dead)

This has been celebrated from around centuries throughout Mexico mainly in the south and central region and by a community of Mexican heritage in other different places. In this festival, Mexican create alter to remember the family members or friends who have deceased.


Also known as Visakha celebrated remembering Buddha’s birthday. It is a formal Buddhist holiday which fulfils the birth, enlightenment and demise of the Gautam Buddha all over the world. Mainly celebrated in Colombo Srilanka. In India, it is called Buddha Purnima which is identical.


It is a traditional holiday celebrated every year on 31st October emerged from the ancient Celtic carnival of Samhain where people wear a costume and light bonfire to ward off the ghost or spirit.Famous Festivals around the World

Epcot International Festival

Yes, this festival is for people who love exploring food and wine. Originated in USA Orlando and Florida where the top of more than 11 countries represents themselves in EPCOT’s globe showcase.

Star of the White Night

This festival is huge and related to all arts- music, film, ballet, opera and all outdoor carnivals or celebrations including the caravan of red-sailed, Scarlet Sails and firework shows in Russian attitude.

Kings Day

This festival is celebrated in Amsterdam Netherland on 27th April every year where everything turns in colourful tones of orange. King’s day represents the king’s birthday Willem-Alexander who belonged to the House of Orange. A fun celebration where all people gather and parade or walk.

Sky Lantern Festival

It is believed to be an old festival about nearly more than two thousand years ago. In this festival dark sky turns into full of light with a sky lantern. This is famous in Taiwan and ping xi. This also represents the climax of the Chinese new year. This festival is considered as one of the decent or biggest festivals in the world.Famous Festivals around the World

Wakakusa Yamazaki

This festival is celebrated in Wara Japan on January 4th Saturday of every year, where dead grass If the hillside of mountain Wakakusa Yamazaki has put ablaze until the huge fireworks exhibit.


Ganesh Mahotsav

This festival is also called as GANESH CHATHURTHI. People celebrate this festival all over India especially in Maharashtra and other parts of India, where they keep Ganesh idol and worship. This festival lasts for ten days where everybody gets involved in Puja, Darshan. The celebration is huge with happiness and joy which remains immeasurable. They believe Lord Ganesh brings prosperity or abundance.Famous Festivals around the World

New Year’s Eve or New Year

This is commonly celebrated all over the world where everybody celebrates together with their dear ones or family welcoming the new year. But this gets different when it comes in the traditional calendar, different people follow different dates of celebrating their new year. Like in India dates and names differ but objectives remain the same which is the transformation for a new beginning.


Festivals are not limited to the above, there are festivals celebrated in each region, each country as per various traditions, cultures. We have chosen the list of the common Festivals around the World that we hear from our friends who celebrate the same. Well, I surely enjoy all the festivals.

We hope you enjoy reading the same, do read and share your comments.

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