PLANdemic or Pandemic, whatever you call it, made us realize we can’t take things for granted and get it under our control, nature has its own way to push the reset button anytime. Not only did it build a scare in people’s minds but also made a scar in many lives.

Some businesses boomed, some of them doomed, some found a fortune cookie whereas few went hungry. Social Media was in full bloom with its new hashtags, captions, comments, GIFs, Filters, new influencers, bloggers, fashionista’s, online ludo,  cooking shows and what not. It really did affect the lives of a common man especially those with low income and migrant workers and left an emotional impact on them. Suicidal rates, depression, mental health issues had an indefinite spike in the graph. Meditation, yoga and therapies became the need of the hour.Pandemic Challenge

A couple went on holidays end of Feb to return to Kuwait, got stuck in this pandemic challenge at their hometown, with a clueless situation. They went on vacation in March and ended up spending 6 months in India. Having no access to work from home, no idea about when flights will resume, will they have their jobs when they return, when will the life get back to normalcy and many more questions in mind, they crossed each hurdle and made it to their final destination in September.

Being with family sounds very good, but what’s happening to the other home that you have left behind, rents still go on, your house can be a mess. Jobs are at stake, cars would be dead due to non-usage, pets in the home might die of starvation, no medical assistance, plants would never come back to life… Most importantly what about savings? do we really have liquid savings can we survive for next few months of this pandemic and a bit later.

As I mentioned earlier about how it impacted a common man, for some it was definitely a blessing in disguise. One such case is theirs.

“the most satisfying thing during this pandemic challenge was we were able to serve people in need, we saw people in distress, we had a sinking feeling in our hearts but we also realized how blessed we are. We were grateful for every moment, we valued our time and the littlest of the things.

At beginning it got a bit stressful as to whether we made the right decision of traveling to India at this time, people also added on to it  saying ‘you went at the wrong time, and now you are stuck’. But we slowly started accepting it and started living for the moment. It really helped, though there were still days we had a second thought about the entire thing, but staying with family for so long after ages took over it. We had a real good break from the daily hustle. Joined the bandwagon of Dalgona coffee, homemade pizza, cakes for no reason and weight loss plans of course. Ultimately we started enjoying the lockdown and then gradually air travel restrictions eased up a little and we could see our vacation coming to an end.Pandemic Challenge

What we thought would be impossible for another 6 months to 1 year was Travel. Travelling is way too complicated now. I’m talking about air travel here. There can be unexpected delays, cancellation, added baggage restrictions, long queues at the airport, missing document, ticket prices soaring high, PCR tests, quarantine and more. Air travel was not easy for some even before the pandemic challenge, for them it’ll only get worse now. I have travelled many times in the past but this time it felt different. Anxious, feeling uneasy few days before travel, wearing a mask, face shield, getting the PCR test done, checking the timing of sample taken to be within the maximum time limit as required by the destination country, PPE, sanitize like a million times, wash hands, take steam and the list goes on. It doesn’t end just with points to note with hygiene, then comes the airport shenanigans. Keep the soft copy of your ticket in your phone, only 1 piece of baggage 30kgs + 7kgs hand baggage allowed per person (probably depends on the airlines), be there 4 hours before the check-in, PCR Test reports, Insurance in case of visit visa, carry your own food and water, social distancing, at times put up with the immigration officers, waiting area looks more like a hospital now. Ideally not a good time to travel for leisure and fun. Nevertheless this will soon be history and we all have something for #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday. Last in order is the Home Quarantine, since we had already passed the lockdown phase in the last 6 months, we dint find it difficult to stay home for another couple of weeks.”

We have so much in us that we never give importance to, our hidden talents made an appearance and continues to be with us, spending time with our loved ones, family and friends mostly virtually but quite often, we became more aware of our expenses and investments, definitely learnt a new skill and also had our self-care sessions. Just as importantly, life taught us yet another lesson!

Well 2020 surely surprised and shocked us in many ways but lets take it positively, value what we learnt, support each other, live in present than worrying too much about future, coz future is never known to anyone.

The future depends on what you do today. – Mahatma Gandhi.

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Wishing you all best of health, luck and happiness.

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Yours Truly,

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