Hello, Girls, it’s QueenBee and today’s article is all about my go to DIY messy bun. I am doing three messy hairstyles. Every girl wants some stylish different hairstyles to look different every other time. Buns are in trend nowadays. So, I decided to write an article on it. I hope you guys enjoy. 

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A) So, number one is what I like to call the princess bun it looks so intricate but it’s so easy. It works on all hair textures and to lift up the roots you have to use dry shampoo.

Note: Before creating the bun, I like to suggest you have no knots in your hair. 

  1. So, Brush your hair from start to the end to make it easier. The next step is taking your two pointer fingers from the top of your ears to the crown of your head and you want to section off a little pony and you don’t want to part.
  2. then, pull all your hair back and sectioning off half pony with a little elastic. Little elastic ones are kind of a pain in the hair but it will make it easier to hide the elastic and have less bulk and then pull out some hair around face for softness.
  3. Pulling the pony forward twisted into a donut bun wrapping the ends under the base of the mini bun, pull it apart and use two or three bobby pins to hold the base down. 
  4. Flip the remaining hair into two sections and you can skip this but I like to slightly tease each section for more volume and texture and then twist it a little and wrap it around the donut base. 
  5. Tuck the curly ends into the donut hole and use some bobby pins and now just repeat it on the other side loosen up the top and give your hair a spray and there you have this interesting and easy princess bun. 

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B) I hope you like this method I came up with. You can always get a similar look with it and now number two is even quicker and neat.

  1. Tease your hair a little bit throughout so the bobby pins have something to stick into and to gather your hair into a high pony. 
  2. Pull up your roots with the end of a comb. Once you’ve sectioned off your hair in the ponytail, separate a small piece and leave that as you give the rest of the hair of the final tease to lock it together.
  3. Loosely wrap the hair around in a loop and pin the hair down. With the extra bit create a loose braid and just do a simple three-strand braid pulling it apart. So, you can see it a little more and tuck in the ends to the underside of the bun I like to have the braid only visible from the front. Sothe back stays messy. 
  4. There you have it this next braided side bun is surprisingly easy to do yourself with a couple of tricks. So, this time take a small section of hair from the side that has more hair on it and separates the hair into three strands. 
  5. Next, create essentially straight incorporate: a small section of hair into the braid from around your hairline Dutch braiding means the strands go under the middle strand to the other side rather than over like in a regular braid. 
  6. Add hair until you get too behind your ear. And now the spray travels all the way to the bun, take back strands nearest to your neck and include them into the braid. I added about three or four and then just grated normally.
  7. Spin-off the braid so it’s fluffy and big and with the remaining hair tied up into a high side ponytail add the braids into the pony and wrap the hair around into a messy bun shape.
  8. Using bobby pins tied the bun down and take out some wispy hairs to surround your face and this one has more effort but I love the more polished look it has. So here it is. 

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C) Now, finally, DIY messy bun 3, this last hairstyle is so easy and it takes no time at all.

  1. Have your hair side-parted and on the side with less hair grabbing a small section dividing it in two and creating a lace twist as you twist the sections of hair over the other add in a section from a longer part from the top of your head until you’ve reached the other side.
  2. Repeat that same process with the rest of your hair except add in hair from near your neck gathering all the hair into the twist also going to that same side.
  3. Loosen up the twist and gather the hair again into a bun shape by twisting it around and pinning it down messily take down the pieces from around your face and might have some curl to it from second-date curls and there you have it. 

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Let me know in the comments down below which DIY messy bun was your favorite and if you decide to recreate any of these looks let me know by tagging me in the photo on Instagram and using the hashtag #queenbeeszone #buns #queenbeeszoneblog so I can see the photos. Thanks for reading. I hope you guys enjoyed this article. 

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Your’s Truly,

Queen Bees