4 tried and tested shampoos for Dandruff and Oily hair


Over the years, due to the change in places we live, weather condition, water type, overall scalp, hair and skin have been the most affected areas. Psoriasis, dandruff, hair fall are few major challenges seen with almost everyone on a daily basis. While food is one solution, having a good shampoo is another most important factor. here we are sharing our 4 tried and tested shampoos for Dandruff and Oily hair. Shampoos for Dandruff and Oily hair shown here are recommended by the Dermatologist while few are tried and tested.

Sebamed anti dandruff shampoo

Our hair is the best part of our body. We all love to flaunt those beautiful long locks that wave in the air like music. But it is essential to take care of them. A correct shampoo can help you look gorgeous with those long tresses.

SebaMed is a shampoo that is considered to be the best for Indian hair. This chemical-free shampoo is 100% soap-free and alkaline free. It does not take away the natural shine of your hair. SebaMed nourishes your hair from root to tip and gives you the hair you have ever dreamt of. This was recommended by my dermatologist few years back. I have been using this for a while now.

It is developed by dermatologists and is botanically inspired shampoo that preserves the hair and scalp’s natural balance. This mild formula is gentle enough for everyday use and does not remove natural oils or irritate the scalp as shampoos based on soap might. It also helps maintain your hair’s inherent structural integrity, improve shine, and leave hair soft and healthy-looking.

Features of SebaMed:

  • It is a 100% soap-free shampoo. It contains no chemicals.
  • The product is considered to be gentle for your hair and does not take away the natural oils.
  • It gives shine and bounces to your hair.
  • SebaMed shampoo helps in maintaining the structure of your hair and makes them strong from root to tip.
  • It also helps in preventing hair fall and breakage of the hair.

 Advantages of SebaMed:

  • It gives extra mild cleansing to the hair that does not make them hard or frizzy.
  • It also protects the scalp from the acids that other shampoos leave on your hair.
  • With a Ph value of 5.5, it is considered to be one of the best shampoos for handling the heat and pollution.
  • Can be used on a daily basis.
  • Not high end product, hence pricing is better compared to bigger brands.

 Disadvantages of SebaMed:

  • Makes hair extremely dry after the wash, well after few hours if you have oily scalp it will be normal.
  • Shampoo is quite thicker, hence needs to be diluted especially if used on regular basis.

Kiehls Green Tea Shampoo

Kiehls Green Tea Shampoo is a unique and herbal product that does just the right thing for your hair. This shampoo is enriched with green tea extracts and offers shine and bounce to the hair along with protection from pollution to your scalp.

When different shampoos leave the chemical effect of acids on your scalp, this is the shampoo and heals your itchy and flaky scalp and gives nourishment to your hair. It is a complete herbal shampoo that is best suited for the oily hair. The natural oils in the shampoo are not going to strip away the hair from your scalp. The already users of the product have also stated that this shampoo made their heads look fuller and better.

Features of Kiehls Green Tea Shampoo:

  • It is an organic shampoo that contains cinchona oil and is strictly made by keeping the natural shine and properties of hair in mind.
  • It acts as a shield against dust and pollution and brings back the volume of your hair.
  • The shampoo contains green tea extracts along with other natural essential oils that make it safe to use.

Advantages of Kiehls Green Tea Shampoo:

  • It is easy to use this shampoo also gets rinsed off easily and does not leave any harshness behind.
  • It penetrates deep inside the roots of your hair and cleanses the dirt in one wash.
  • The shampoo also consists of vitamin B5 that is useful for the shine, nourishment, and moisturization of the hair.
  • The best part of this shampoo is that it is pocket friendly and comes in a big bottle.
  • There is enough quantity that can last for more than a month and which gives you enough time to book one in advance.

Disadvantages of Kiehls Green Tea Shampoo:

  • The shampoo is not readily available, which means that either you have to stock it up or you have to wait for washing your hair.
  • Pricing is a bit higher and no discounts on this brand.

T Plus Shampoo

Are you suffering from dandruff problems? T plus shampoo is going to be your best companion. One of the best selling shampoos all over this product is loved for its healing nature. It does not state any false promises of long hair or shiny hair, but it does just what it is made for. It gives you dandruff free hair and also heals your scalp.

T plus is a dermatologically tested shampoo that comes in a big bottle from Walgreens. It offers you excellent results on the dandruff problem and also has shown 100% results for psoriasis and dermatitis. Walgreens is not a new name in the industry and has been known to offer excellent products that provide 100% customer satisfaction. This shampoo is going to be you, savior, if you have serious issues related to the hair. It worked on your problems and nourished the hair along with giving the moisturization so that you do not need an extra conditioner.

Features of T Plus Shampoo:

  • It is free from chemicals and allergens; this shampoo is suitable for all hair types.
  • The dermatologists have tested it, and it gives you a cooling sensation when applied.
  • It treats the problems of hair from root to the tip and is successful in many other hair problems.
  • It has proven to be an excellent product for treating redness and rashes of the scalp.

Advantages of T Plus Shampoo:

  • It offers frizz-free, oil-free, dandruff-free hair from the first wash itself.
  • It leaves a relaxed feel on the scalp that helps you stay fresh all day long.
  • The shampoo is chemical-free and will not damage the quality or quantity of your hair.
  • It brings back the lost shine of your hair and also makes them look fuller and bouncier.

Disadvantages of T Plus Shampoo:

  • Can be harsh on scalp and hair if used on daily basis.

Selsun Dandruff Shampoo

Selsun blue is one of the best selling shampoos in the world. It has been known for its help in curing dandruff. The product has been dermatologically tested and also has given positive results to the users. It has been rated as the number 1 shampoo for dealing with skin problems like dermatitis very quickly.

Selsun blue shows positive results from the first wash itself and also gives you a beautiful shine that will make heads turn, and people envy your long beautiful tresses. Dermatologists and doctors across the globe have tested it. Every user has applauded the healing properties of this shampoo. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and is a medicated shampoo that treats dandruff problems and keeps it away from coming back.

Features Of Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo:

  • A chemical-free formula that is medicated to treat the issues that you face related to the hair.
  • It comes in a big bottle that will last for more than two months and will treat your scalp and hair issues from root to tip.
  • Not only does it treat, but the organic oils in this product heals the scalp that pollution has damaged.
  • The product has a Ph value of 5.3, which is considered to be excellent for a shampoo.

Advantages of Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo:

  • It is easy to use shampoo; it is an excellent option if you love to shampoo your hair daily.
  • The product is readily available in the market and also has some offers on it every time.
  • The best thing about this shampoo is that it won’t damage your hair even if you use it daily.
  • The natural oils and medicines will treat the scalp issues from the first wash itself, giving you the confidence back.

Disadvantages of Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo:

  • It is not a recommended product for daily use.

Here are our top 4 shampoos for Dandruff and Oily hair which we recommend.

Please contact your dermatologist prior buying shampoos for Dandruff and Oily hair to understand your hair and scalp challenges.

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