The province of Kerala guarantees a captivating and rejuvenating break for wayfarers hoping to shed off the strains of their lives by trekking. The fantastic land welcome people from round the globe. One in all the foremost heavenly places in Kerala is its slope stations that square measure organized within the higher zones of Western Ghats. The luring slope cities of the state square measure the perfect retreat for voyagers United Nations agency want to be encompassed by foliage that’s bottomless within the jolty zones.

These square measure the smallest amount investigated zone of all the picturesque places in Kerala and square measure ideal breaks from the hustle-clamor of your life. Whereas creating an itinerary for the slope cities like Palakkad or Munnar, you’ll re-evaluate pretty streams and sumptuous cascades whereas in transit to the slopes. Within the wake of inward at the slope stations, the lavish foliage makes the undulating scene a rejuvenating retreat for the voyagers. These slope stations were innate cities, but currently, square measure celebrated travel goals, wherever one gets transfixed within the fascinating views on the pleasant inexperienced slopes between the flying layers of fog. The fantastic inns and resorts in these slope stations provide extraordinary views and amazing encounters of the astounding condition.


Taking single or multi-day rising visits through rural, rough mountain trails is basically a pleasure for the daring spirits in you Varied those who love trekking participate in longer outings through the uneven areas of Kerala, mistreatment trekking as a method for obtaining beginning with one spot then onto successive. It tends to be joined with completely different alternative expertise sports like shake rising, outdoors, and then forth. As you continue by walking through the inexperienced grass and country regions, you’ll get the prospect to expertise dazzling views around you. Trekking through white areas can provide you with an Associate in nursing encounter limitlessly distinctive in regard to heading bent on more and more far-famed goals. It each currently and once more empowers you to interface with nature, by shaking ascending, investigation a mountain or the whole mountain goes. Book Now Kerala holiday packages

On the off probability that you just square measure a fledgling United Nations agency is trekking in Kerala, go together with somebody United Nations agency has some understanding or with skilled aides. This could modify you to become additional familiar with Associate in nursing distinctive aptitudes needed to with success build and land endeavor of in-depth length. Completely different affiliations supply categories and set up visits which will give an inspiration of the physical limit and equipment needed for trekking.

Trekking in Kerala

Walking around extraordinary trails with moderate slants, trekking in Kerala can allow you time for natural life recognizing, visiting and investigation the radiance of the mountains and valleys. Trekking in Kerala is one in all the foremost accepted encounters for trekking sweethearts. There square measure unfathomable open doors for outstanding spots at completely different goals of Kerala. The voyagers will in like manner investigate the staggering grandness of the mountains romancing the shimmering falls.

Here may be an alternative of absolutely the most trekking spots in Kerala which will be soul nourishment for the climber in you.

  1. Top Station Trek – Munnar

Trouble Level: simple

Trail Distance: 9km

Trail Time: four hours

About 40km from Munnar city lies the foremost visited spot in Munnar–the high Station Viewpoint. It rewards you with presumptively the foremost enthralling views on Kottagudi natural depression and therefore the haze shrouded Meesapulimala and Kolukkumalai tiptop. The trek begins from behind the highest station see purpose and plummets to Kurangani city, experiencing Muthuvagudi city, roosted at 1175m on top of ocean level. The path is associate previous means created by the innate people and it interfaces the cities within the mountains with those within the natural depression. Bring water along; you’ll stock up the instrumentality at the Muthuvagudi city. 

  1. Kolukkumalai Peak Trek – Munnar

Trouble Level: Moderate

Trail Distance: eleven kilometer

Trail Time: seven hours

Going over the Madras and Kerala outskirts, the path to Kolukkumalai pinnacle is one among the foremost charming and current ascensions within the Idukki scene. The path starts from Kurangani city and completions at the highest at 2170m higher than the ocean level. The track experiences the fields, Shola backwoods and, evidently, the foremost noteworthy garden on earth at 2036m higher than ocean level. Begin early morning because the mountain slope faces east and also the sun is cruel through the 3km stretch of field, while not varied trees. Bring water and a number of snacks along; you’ll be able to stock up the instrumentation at the Kolukkumalai tea heritage.

  1. The Periyar Tiger Trail – Thekkady

Trouble Level: tough

Trail Distance: thirty-five kilometer

Trail Time: twenty-four to thirty-six hours

Since this can be a hold backwoods, this district remains in its real condition and also the surroundings are really inexperienced. The Forest Officers mastermind a gaggle to travel with you. The cluster incorporates people World Health Organization were poachers previous but aren’t defenders. They’re solid, dependable men. It’s basic; if you lose all sense of direction during this new district, a tiger might unexpectedly seem as this spot is documented for his or her essence.

The trek itself takes two to three days, therefore night keep are going to be there. Outdoors is organized by the cluster already. It might be a stimulating encounter on the off probability that you simply happen to identify elephants. These creatures do not care to be disturbed; therefore primarily stay quiet and miracle at God’s wondrous creation! The save is in Thekkady and may be characteristic lebensraum of elephants. A target-hunting day-trek is to boot accessible. Periyar Lake is peaceful and is an unprecedented spot to lighten up. Thekkady is related to every single important city of Kerala by the street.

  1. Meesapulimala Peak Trek – Munnar

Trouble Level: troublesome, Permission needed from KFDC

Trail Distance: 8km

Trail Time: vi.5 hours

Situated at 2640m on top of ocean level, Meesapulimala is that the second most noteworthy prime within the Western Ghats extend the trip starts from Kolukkumalai Tea Estate; you’ll be able to reach here by means that of jeeps chartered from Suryanelli. The last two kilometers to the highest is one in every of the foremost heroic and hardest once contrasted with completely different treks on this outline. Bring water (4 liters/per individual) a couple of tidbits, and lunch on.

  1. Agasthyakoodam Peak Trek – Thiruvanthapuram

Trouble Level: tough, KFWD Pass needed

Trail Distance: 40km

Trail Time: two days and one night: Circuit

Situated at a tallness of 1868 m on top of ocean level, Agasthya bone is that the most noteworthy summit within the south of Kerala. It offers refulgent trekking information that’s outside of the Idukki locus and is one in every of the foremost wished trekking courses. The voyage to the highest is allowed keen about tight tips and is open throughout Jan to the period of time. Authorization for this trek begins from Bonaccord Picket Station one is given on the principal start things out serve premise on-line by Kerala Forest and life Department the date’s area unit pronounced by KFWD, ordinarily, seven days preceding the season. Bring water (6 liters/per individual) and dinners.