Starting a blog might seem like a cakewalk. Because, what you need to do after all? Write about what you think or feel. That’s easy enough. But, no! Creating a blog takes a lot of behind the scenes work if you really want your blog to succeed. There are many things to plan beforehand, so you don’t get caught off guard when you are expanding, but the viewership isn’t. What you need to understand is this- blogging is easy when you love writing, but garnering viewership is equally important to sustain your blog.

There are many things that you need to be aware of before stepping into the blogging world. If you too are looking forward to creating your own blog, here are 5 Critical Things To Do Before Creating A Blog.

  1. Understand Content over Everything Else, Period.

You may think that writing what your fellow bloggers write will help you score. But that is not always the case. Google, or just any other search engine, loves content that is unique, original, and well written. When you have some new ideas, they will rank higher on the SERP, rather than those ideas that are already over the internet and you are merely recreating. An original idea with well-written content that is impeccably presented should be your best friend before creating a blog.

2. Chart Out Your Path Beforehand

You do not want to be unaware of the tips and tricks that make your blog running, do you? It is precisely for this reason that you must understand the backend technicalities of creating a blog. Going on just any blogging platform and creating an account is not enough. There are innumerable things that need to be done. Before creating your blog, zero in on a goal- what you want to blog about. Writing about everything under the sun won’t help. You must choose your niche wisely, depending on your interest and expertise, while also keeping in mind the audience. Unless you are a global celebrity, no one would want to know what you did throughout the day. Decide on something that people will love to read about.

3. Get Your Favourite Frequency

You must decide how many blog posts you want to create in a week, a month or in 6 months, before creating a blog. If you decide on 4 blog posts a month, make sure to space them equally well. 1 post at the beginning and the rest 3 together at the end would play such a spoilsport. When you have readers, they will be eagerly waiting for the next post. Make their wait worthwhile by giving them an idea of when to expect the next post. Personally, I would stick to a blogger who is frequent enough to post new content at regular intervals, then read someone who just drops in a post by surprise. Unlike everywhere else, a surprise here is not even half as appealing.

4. Target the Right Theme

Why were themes even created in the first place? Just to make things look beautiful? Nay! Theme sets the mood for everything. Imagine, how you would deck up your room to reflect your personality – the girly pink, the soothing white, the funky orange, the minimalist Boho, on and on. Like you wouldn’t go to a cartoon-themed restaurant for a romantic evening (unless your partner loves cartoons and you want to surprise them), someone looking for fashion content wouldn’t like to read a blog that is Gothic themed. The interplay of colors and patterns is more important than you think. If you want readers to keep coming back to the blog that you create, give them a theme that goes well with the content of your blog – there can be no alternative to that.

5. Learn the Basic SEO

You need not master the full-length course in digital marketing before creating a blog. However, it is always advisable to have some basic understanding of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. You ask why is this important? Consider this- You come up with the most genuine ideas and original content, something that is nowhere on this wide web, but you fail to get any readers at all. Why does that happen? It is simply because the search engines like Google cannot understand what your content is all about. Thus, when people search with a query that is related to your blog post, Google will not know you provide the answer to the query and instead list other bloggers, who might not be even remotely related. Good content is necessary for the audience, but SEO-ed content is necessary for Google to understand your blog post and in extension, rank it high up in the SERP.

There are so many valuable things that you learn when you create a blog. You not just earn something from it, you learn something from it. But for all that to happen, it is important that you understand what goes into the process of creating a blog. Only then will you be successful as a blogger and both learn and earn from it. Make sure that you are prepared on these grounds and do these 5 Critical Things To Do Before Creating A Blog.

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