Hello beautiful girls, too lazy to go out and lose your fat? You are not alone most of the fluffy girls like us are lazy as hell to lose that annoying tummy. Today I am going to write all about five clothing styles I know how to hide your belly fat.


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The clothing style number one are the Culottes. Now Culottes look absolutely effortlessly stylish comfortable and they hide tummy very well because they are high waist, they’re loose so they just cover the tummy area in the right proportion. You can try some, they are extremely comfortable and you can pair them with shoulder top-koovs and Loafers.

Trench Dress

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The number two is the trench dress. The double-breasted Trench dress with A-line flow hides your tummy really well. The double-breasted fitting gives you a fit upper portion and then the flow gives you just the right amount of coverage for your tummy area. Check them out with the size button and double breasted at top. They hide the tummy area very well giving the illusion of really fit body. So, invest in some Trench dresses which have A-line pattern. You can wear trench dresses for winters; you can go for the Cotton trench style top.

Sleeveless Vest

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Now the clothing style number three are the long sleeveless vest. Right, so since Kim Kardashian flaunted those long vests during her pregnancy, I just could not believe that long vest gives you Illusion of such a fit tummy. So, I tried it myself and I was amazed to see how amazingly it hides the tummy area and it gives the illusion of a very fit Body. So, I went for a long vest like this which I wear with my short fitting dresses and it hides the tummy really well and I look so fit indeed. I have a Vest like it is sleeveless, very Long. So, these types of long vest hide even a very big tummy during pregnancy, you can use it, I think they are very good to hide your tummy.

Over sized Shirts

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The clothing hack number four which is in huge strength these days is the over sized shirt. You must have spotted the celebs sporting those over Sized shirts on the airport. Airports are the new runway we all know it so these over-sized Shirts look really chic and stylish as it hides the tummy area very effectively. So, the plane over-sized shirt looks really nice, they are really long and over-sized to the extreme side.  You can pair them with loafers. It gives you a very chic and comfy casual look. They have a very huge range you can use them in winter or summer.

High Waist Skirts

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Hack number five is the high waist skirt. So, for hiding the tummy you need high waist skirts with A-line pattern skirts. So, A-line are Great if you are heavy at thighs or you know at the hip area, these are great. So, I Have a high waist plain skirt. It is ankle length and I just wear it with a black tuck in top that hides that tummy.

So, if you too are annoyed with the tummy you can try these clothing hacks. These are not the only one in the world; you can experiment with them according to you. And please don’t forget to share if you find something new or better than these

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