Carpets are fancy, fashion statement for the homes. However, Cleaning your carpet is a tough task. No matter how much effort you put into, it will catch stains. There will be kids at home or pets that will drop food curries, ink and grease on to your carpet resulting in stains on your carpet. Cleaning the whole carpet is a tough task and requires you to remove all things and then clean the whole carpet. And still after washing, you see that it has not entirely removed the blot or the stain which makes you feel upset.carpet Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

So what are the essential quality carpet cleaning Pro agents that you can use to clean your carpet at home? Also, what are some Pro carpet cleaning tips at home?

1. Do not rub the stains, try to soak them

Stains of food curries are common on the carpets. For removing the stains of fluid what we do is rub the surface of the carpet and the stain goes deeper into the fibers resulting in a permanent visible stain color. It also damages the fibers of the carpet.

An essential quick dry carpet cleaning process is to blot or soak it using a blot or tissue paper before it dries up. The proper way to do this from the outside of the stain and gradually going inward. If you try to blot the stain from the top, then it will spread only.

2. What to do for beer or wine stains?

We all have a soda at home, which we use for essential carpet cleaning for beer and wine stains. Here’s what you have to do- Apply soda on a tissue or blot paper and soak the stain as much as possible. Then, as the stain had dried up, you can put a few drops of soda and vinegar on top of the stain and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Then use a clean sponge to wash the top of the carpet and remove the stain completely that you see.

3. Can shaving cream help in carpet cleaning?

 Essential carpet cleaning involves knowing the hacks of carpet cleaning.  One of the best agents of carpet cleaning pro agent that is widely available at homes is normal shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream on top of the stain and let it stay for around 15-20 minutes while the shaving cream sets on top of the stain. Then blot it with a tissue paper. After this, you can use vinegar and water mixture to wipe the stain. Use a clean cloth for this.

4. Removing gums using ice

Never try to pull the chewing gums out. The fibers will also get damaged and pulled out because of this. Here is an easy and essential carpet cleaning agent that can help to remove gums off the surface of the carpet. Go the refrigerator and take a few ice blocks. Apply it gently on top of the gum to try and freeze it. Keep doing it for bout 20-30 minutes. Now, for removing the gum, gently lift the gum and look for any stuck fiber at the bottom. If there is any portion of the gum still stuck to the carpet fibers, then cut them as close to the gum as possible. This won’t be noticeable as much.

5. Removing grease stains with dish washing solutions

An essential pro carpet cleaning agent for grease stains is to apply a few drops of dish washing solutions on top of the grease stain. Then blot it with a tissue paper. Repeat the process multiple times for deeper stains and then use a solution of vinegar and water to wash the area of the stain with a clean white cloth.

6. If you have petscarpet Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

Having pets at home, will need some extra care regards to your carpets, as their hair, food, urine etc can be on the carpet. Hence need to use pet user friendly products. Using carpet shampoo Cleaning it regularly must be followed to avoid any building of bad odor. Also very important to train your pets on the basics. Do keep your pets paws clean, comb them so hair fall can be less. Also can use carpet fresheners for fragrance or deodorizing.

You can use these easy hacks to keep your carpet clean and sparkling at home.

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