Qingdao is a breathtaking seaside with a beautiful view of the Yellow Sea bordered on two sides of the city. It has the largest bathing beach in Asia along with many other tourist attractions to explore. It has many historical places, scenic spots, and parks that make your vacation romantic and magical. Let’s take a look at these 6 best tourist places in Qingdao to visit.

Mount Lao

Laoshan or Mount Lao is a sacred Taoist mountain known as a birthplace of Taoism as it where the Perfection School of Taoism evolved. In ancient times, it was home to about 1000 monks and nuns as well as numerous palaces, Taoist temples, and nunneries. It is one of the most scenic spots to visit in Qingdao. Some of the major sites to check out on Mount Lao include Temple of Supreme Purity, Temple of Great Purity, Temple of Supreme Peace, Longtan Waterfall and Huayan Temple.

Zhan Qiao(Pier)

Qingdao was only a small fishing village until the construction of Zhan Qier or Zhan Pier in 1892, the city’s first pier. TheHuilangePavilion is an octagonal pavilion was constructed at the end of the pier which is now used as an exhibition gallery for art and photographic displays. It has become the image logo of Qingdao’s Tsingtao Beer which appears on their beer bottles and cans. It is located near the China Navy Museum and the historic colonial neighborhood once inhabited by Germans.

Travel-tip: Book flights to Qingdao during summer from April to June when the temperature is pleasant without high temperatures making it a perfect summer retreat.

May Fourth Square

Located in heart of Qingdao’s business district with the Yellow Sea on the south, the May Fourth Square is where the May Fourth Movement of 1919 started and spread across China. It comprises of Shizhengting square, the central square, and the coastal park and can be easily recognized by its iconic landmark that lies in its center – May Wind Sculpture. It is a popular tourist place in Qingdao that is perfect for celebrating the Chinese Mid-autumn festival. The park is known for its several romantic spots where young couples flock to at night.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

It’s the Guinness world record holder for the longest bridge over water at 41.58 km long covering various length spans. As one of the longest bridges in the World, Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is a 25.9 km long continuous section that is located between Qingdao and Huangdao district transecting Jiaozhou Bay.

Lu Xun Park

Lu Xun Park is a picturesque park located on the Huiquan Bay stretching one kilometer and spread across 4 hectares area. The beach park is known for its amazing mash-up of natural beauty and modern structures. The park was renamed in 1950 to honor the “Saint of Modern China”, Lu Xun, who is a famous writer admired by the Mao Zedong himself. A granite statue of Lu Xun was installed in 1968 to mark his 50th death anniversary while several other similar attractions were added later in 2001.

St. Michael’s Cathedral

Located inside of the Old Qingdao, St. Michael’s Cathedral is a Romanesque Revival Cathedral built by German missionaries and now acts as the headquarters of Roman Catholic Diocese of Qingdao and respective Bishop’s seat. Historically, this cathedral represents the result of the “unequal treaties” signed in the 19th century between Chinese imperial powers and foreign nations which allowed missionary reductions. As one of the largest revival examples of Romanesque Revival Architecture, this German cathedral has become a popular tourist attraction in Qingdao by religious folk and history buffs alike.

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