Nowadays, everything and every field has their own myths. We all have heard about some of food myths that we think is true but actually it’s not. Here I am going to talk about 6 common food myths that are not true as I have read and heard a lot about it. If you are food lover or not but you should read this article fully. Definitely you will agree with us at least with any of the option. So, here we go…

6 Common Food Myths

  1. Raw Carrots are more nutritious than cooked – This is one of the biggest myths which I have heard in my life. Cooking really expands carrots’ dietary benefit! The procedure separates the intense cell dividers that encase the beta-carotene.
  2. Avoid Eggs because it contains cholesterol –Eggs have gotten an unwarranted unfavorable criticism; the most recent research demonstrates that they don’t really add to elevated cholesterol. Truth be told, eggs are a modest wellspring of numerous supplements, including zinc and iron, cancer prevention agent lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrient D, and the cerebrum boosting concoction choline. Hold cholesterol under wraps by checking soaked fat in your eating routine.
  3. Few carbs Means More healthier you are –Picking the most advantageous starches, particularly entire grains, is increasingly essential to your prosperity. At any rate seven noteworthy examinations demonstrate that ladies and men who eat entire grains have 20 to 30 percent less coronary illness. Independently, in a 2010 investigation of in excess of 13,000 grown-ups, the individuals who ate the most servings of entire grains had lower body weight.Myths vs facts
  4. Nuts are bad for health –Nuts are phenomenal source of protein and different supplements, as long as you hold servings to a bunch. Harvard specialists found that ladies who ate that sum around five times each week were 20 percent more averse to create type 2 diabetes than the individuals who didn’t eat them as regularly. Moreover, a few enormous investigations have discovered that a normal admission of nuts secures against coronary illness.Myths vs facts
  5. You’ll sleep better after a peg of alcohol – yes, it really sounds funny and it is also a biggest myth. Drinking alcohol before sleep will disturb your sleep and you will not feel well, even in healthy adults.Myths vs facts
  6. Don’t eat sweets if you have diabetes –With some restraint, an intermittent sweet treat is fine. The way to keeping up solid blood glucose levels is adjusting dinners and bites to give a blend of carbs, fats, and proteins.

So, these are the most common food myths. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any question then let me know in the comment section.

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