Your parents’ dread of you reaching sweet sixteen is finally here. And you know what’s the coolest part of being 16? It’s the point of your life where you need to get in the car and learn to maneuver your dad’s old steering wheel on your own. This is it! You’re finally learning how to drive and what else could be more impressive than that, right? 

Driving is something that almost all kids and teenagers would want to experience as early as possible. Can you still remember those youthful days and the thrills of sitting on a driver’s seat, pretending to be some Grand Prix car race driver? Kid, your dream is about to shift into reality. However, not everyone is as excited as you are. But that’s okay. While others might feel terrified at first, some are not just into cars. Having no passion for cars is not an excuse for teenagers to learn but endeavoring freedom is. Once you’ve figured the other benefits of learning to drive, you’ll definitely thank me for the encouragement. Read on to know the advantages that driving can give you at an early age.

Driving allows you to be independent. 

Driving is somehow a badge of maturity and independence. Once you’ve had your driving lessons, you would no longer have to call mom or dad or anyone else responsible to pick you up from school or take you somewhere you need to go because you are now the on-call driver of yourself. You go to places you like or break your journey whenever you want or need to with no bounds of limitations. But just because driving gives you freedom does not mean you can take advantage of your independence. Part of maturity is learning to follow rules and understand his limitations in order to have a safe and responsible driving experience.        

Higher Chances of Employ-ability

Your chances of getting hired for a summer job or full-time employment in the future could be easier, knowing that you are capable of responsible driving, you are self-sufficient, and you can be sent out to do such related tasks to your job. Take note that many people have earned a living out of being transport operators, chauffeurs, or delivery drivers.  

You gain social status. 

Although this should not be on top of your advantages and the sole purpose of learning to drive, we can’t deny the fact that being able to drive at a young age can increase your standing in the social group. You gain respect from giving your parents or your friends some lift, making you a more useful person in society.    

It’s a life-long skill. 

Same with a college diploma, your driving credential is a knowledge that no one can ever take away from you. The bonus reward is that this skill is something that stays with you for the rest of your life. The earlier you learn and get good at it, the more professional and responsible of a driver, you will end up becoming.  

You earn little from doing lifts. 

Having your own vehicle with reliable GPS car accessories can get you a summer job and earn little from giving people a safe ride. 

It saves you time. 

Going to college, which is pretty away from hometown might seem a little stressful especially when you have to take public transport every single day. What else could be worse than waking up so early just to find out that the bus charter is already full? Being able to drive your own vehicle can help you save time and skip subways or charter lines. 

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