There are a lot of tools available on the Internet which you can use to make the Website More Effective. There are many paid and free tools, and though online business don’t mind paying for the former, the latter stuff is always a subject of constant interest and introspection from the Internet users, because of very obvious reasons. This piece has been put together detailing the 9 free tools that you can use to make your website more effective, which are as good as they are free. These tools can comprehensively add to the effectiveness on your website in a lot of different parameters, and you should use them right away if you haven’t already.

1. Google Analytics – This is undoubtedly THE BEST free tool out there that you can use to add to the effectiveness of your website. It is also one of the most popular SEO tools which along with being the most popular also remains the most recommended. It’s a very info-rich tool that makes it very easy to understand the attitudes, preferences, and habits of the visitors coming onto your website. Comprehensive statistics of how people are discovering, visiting and using their websites are available on the use of this tool which is simply a gift to marketers that continues to give. There’s a lot of online business can do by studying the behavioral patterns, preferences, habits, attitudes and activity patterns of their visitors, so this undoubtedly the most precious free resource out there. 

2. Embed Instagram Feeds – It has been a long time since Instagram first established as one of the best social media platforms to market business and grow their online presence, and the same has continued to date. The only change is that the influence of Instagram in today’s day and age has grown manifold. Instagram is highly addictive for many and you can use the same to your advantage by embedding Instagram feeds on your website which will lure your visitors to spend more time on your website if and when they go through them. The Instagram feed that you share your website will attract a lot of traffic to your Instagram account, which will help you in exponentially expanding your reach on social media. If you embed Instagram feeds showing positive reviews about your products from your purchases in a user-generated form, it will do a world of good in enhancing your credibility. It inspires the others through your feed and can serve as a psychological Call-To-Action from them to purchase due to the fear of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

3. CAPTCHA – An abbreviation of ‘Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart’, this tool is very true to its name does just that and is very effective at the same. It does more for the website owners than the visitors but in the eventuality, it benefits both parties, as it keeps the website safe from all malicious attempts of intrusion. It is aimed at preventing or reducing the frequency of bot signups that happens sometimes. Bot signups can be the reason for a lot of nuisance on your website, so it is imperative on your part to take all steps necessary to correct them. It gets the job done and keeps your website safe, adding to its effectiveness by increasing its safety and security. The only downfall of using CAPTCHA is that sometimes it is very offputting to genuine users, who would have to go to a different website of a similar kind, then using a CAPTCHA to access the website that they are currently on. 

4. Lead form – It is considered futile by many to run an online business website that doesn’t have a lead form. True to its name, it generates leads for the business by providing the visitors to the site an avenue to contact you. No matter what is the nature of your business or the scale of your operations, a lead form is integral. Over and above providing contact information, you should make it a point to include a lead form, without fail. It is a proactive way of engaging with the visitors and you are likely to get a lot of inquiries which may later convert into sales. It’s stupid to ignore the multipurpose benefits of this free tool, which is integral in adding to the effectiveness of a website. 

5. Blogs – One of the most common ways for any website to become more effective, this free tool has been around for a very long time, going back to the very advent of the Internet. The Internet has changed exponentially through the years, especially in manners of how we experience and use it, but blogs continue to be important. It is still the most common way to consume content on the internet, and even though it is rapidly falling behind other multimedia means, it is still effective enough for many. 

6. Google Webmaster– A website owner can potentially get potentially multipurpose benefits after registering their website with Google Webmaster. It will serve as an assurance to yourself that your website is running and functioning healthily. Along with the avenue to access extensive search statistics on Google, you can also find out keywords being targeted by you along with their efficacy. It is considered a very effective tool for tracking the growth of your traffic along with other relevant ranking metrics. The stark different Google Analytics (which has already been elucidated upon) and Webmaster is that while Analytics reports different characteristics of the interactivity of the visitors with your website. Google Webmaster, on the other hand, delivers info-rich reports detailing the interactivity of various search engines with your website.

7. DMCA– DMCA is the short-form for the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which is also the US Copyright Law. Protecting your website through DMCA has a lot of benefits that can help you save your content and intellectual property from being copied. It is a very effective way to fight against plagiarism which has plagued internet communities and victimized content creators for a long time and continues to do so. If not a full-proof plan to completely eradicate plagiarism from the Internet in its entirety, it is effective enough in providing enough checks and balances, to reduce the instances of plagiarism to a great extent. If you manage to get a badge from DMCA on your website, DMCA will take down your original content from other websites, whenever you report the other site for plagiarism.

8. Whatsapp Business – Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook a long term after it’s an initiation for a whopping $19 billion, and since Whatsapp today has more than a billion daily active users, the investment has been worthwhile. It’s success that has been resounding which presents enough incentive for websites to sign up on the new offering from Whatsapp which is called Whatsapp Business. Being very true to it’s a simple name, it is an effortless way for website owners to stay in connection with their customers. It provides a very effective messaging tool for the customers to connect with the business, helping both the sides by facilitating seamless interactivity. 

9. Newsletters – This is a very effective free tool, a lot more effective than what it gets credit for! It allows you to open a one-on-one channel of communication with someone, who may be a prospect or a customer. Once the visitor comes onto your website and signs up for the newsletter through your landing page, this line of communication which you can use to your benefit. You can use this free tool to engage the attention of your prospects even when they are not visiting your website. You can update them on the new products or website design services that you are launching and the other important events happening in your business. If done well enough, this is a good enough means to pique the interest of the prospects. 


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