A wise man once said that good friends bring out the best in us. Well, in this case, summer Fashion must have been our BFF for it indeed brings the glamour out of us.

Last season, spring had us fawning over their cute designs. From rubber made clothes, to transparent footwear, and pastel lavender colors, surely we can’t wait to see what summer fashion has installed for us. Of course, summer will not be possible without our very own summer fashion craze.

I’m sure people now are showing off their beach bods to complement the summer fashion movement in the hot sizzling weather. Fashion this summer is as hot as the sun itself, so now without further ado, let us all sit back and relax as we take a look of the different styles and outfit trends this summer fashion season and the easy to go accessories.

Don’t miss out on anything guys and gals, read from the top until the finish.

1. The Tie Dye

Image Source: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/shows-trends/a25945717/tie-dye-is-back-for-2019-and-this-is-why/

First one on the list is no other than this cute trend, the Tie Dye. Originated in the 8th century, this cloth coloring technique may seem oldie, but the number of fanatics over it makes it seem like gold.

Tie Dyes became famous as a 90s fashion style but who says it can’t rock 21st-century runway? You can’t grow tired looking at the colorful designs under the sun. You can add more colors and still the outcome would still look perfect plus it makes wearers look fresh despite all the sizzling summer heat, so it’s a BIG YES for us!

2. The Oversized Hats

Image Source: https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/gallery/spring-summer-2019-fashion-trends

You cannot just hop out of the sun without getting some protection now, can you? Sunblock is one thing, but a hat is another thing. Hats have been a thing for centuries but who would’ve thought of oversized hats?

Amazing right? Now you can go everywhere showing that beach bod looking all fab and glamorous but still look overall protected from the sun’s blistering heat.

3. The Cycling Shorts

Image Source: https://www.topsimages.com/images/90s-biker-shorts-37.html

Biker shorts are also known as the Cycling Shorts. Nothing beats the ole comfy style look. Who would’ve thought cycling shorts wouldn’t be just for sports?

Well, no one did until 2019. These shorts paired with fab tops can give you a rugged street style comfy look without looking a bit underdressed. After all, summer is a little bit too hot, so it’s a must that we cut down the number of clothes we wear, right?

4. The Fancy Flats

Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuYDE-_NjAw

What is summer without the right shoes to wear? Also, with shoes, I mean flats. Ranging from sandals, fab slippers to slip ons, one can never go wrong with flats. Almost everyone wears flats, but since its summer, the number one reason people wear it is because of its coziness.

Well. We can’t actually blame them for if it gets too hot and they want to cool their feet a little bit, they can easily slip it off, just like that. No more unnecessary straps wired on the feet and that’s what makes flats a must have this hot weather.

 5. The Belt Bags

Image Source: https://glowsly.com/spring-summer-2019-handbag-trends/

Next, on the list are of course bags. However, they’re not just any other bags because these are small bags attached at the belt hence the name belt bags. Well, don’t get us wrong, belt bags have been a known before, but since many people nowadays found it to be more portable than handbags and backpacks, more and more people are using it casually thus becoming a trend this summer 2019.

6. The Neon

Image Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/fashion/neon-trend-fashion-week-spring-summer-2019-a3951111.html

If you guys thought you’d seen it all, then you’re probably wrong. This year’s Neon summer fashion trend is particularly suited to those who are willing to go bold and to dare with colors.

Neon also has been already associated with the past seasons, but it seems like this color is not going away sometime soon. Well, if you want to go bright under the sun-kissed heat, then this Neon trend might be the best choice for you.

7. The Animal Prints

Image Source: http://www.analpa.com/news/zebra-print-trend/121

This 2019 Summer Fashion has definitely gone wild. Animal prints have taken the runway by storm; thus more and more people got inclined to wear these prints on a daily basis.

If you are generally carefree and jolly and you want to show a little bit of your wild side through clothing, well this fashion trend may be the choice for you.

8. The Bucket Hats

Image Source: https://glowsly.com/spring-summer-2019-hat-trends/

If there is such a thing as oversized hats, then there is also such a thing as small hats. If you’re not into big oversized hats to protect you under the sun, then you can always have bucket hats.

Opposite to those big hats that cover almost all of your face, the bucket hats are quite small that only provides perfect comfort to your taste.

9. The Feathery Feathers

Image Source: https://glowsly.com/spring-summer-2019-accessory-trends/

Everything with feathers just looks so cute especially when it can be worn. Ranging from shoes, dresses or even fancy flip flops that have feathers, surely not just the internet has been fawning over this but also people all over the world that make this trend alive and fluffy. If you’re the type of person that goes for a smooth, elegant look, then this look will just suit you perfectly.

Summer is at the front door and is still up for more surprises. Seasonal trends, may it be during winter, spring, fall and particularly summer only show genuine artistic creativity.

Furthermore, this hot sizzling weather only showed us that no weather too hot or too cold would hinder us from making lives dashing, fabulous and comfortable. So what are you waiting for?

Please tell us what stylish trends do you like the most.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!