A Guide for Female Working in Saudi Arabia


If you are a woman and considering to work with your male counterparts in Saudi Arabia, then yes you can find work there for sure. Be mindful that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not merely known for the obvious Islamic rituals of Hajj and Umrah. There is much more to implore and explore this diversified Arab Kingdom. This Islamic territory has versatile socio-cultural and traditional values that are safe for the foreigners non-Arabs or expatriates as well.

However, being the staunch Islamic Republic, the fellows there must religiously follow some strict rules and regulations with modesty. So modesty and decency are the two key ways to live in this Arab land.

Challenges of Fair Sex in Saudi Arabia

If you have researched on Saudi Female life, you should know about the serious challenges the women face, if they intend to step into the workplace. These challenges are posed by the anti-feminist males advocating male dominance in the State.

You would be pretty glad to know that the women in post modernized Saudi Arabian State are allowed to work but not without certain criteria. These criteria are set under the Islamic approach of segregation which is not bad if it’s observed and followed closely.

Working in Saudi
Working in Saudi

Saudi Criteria for Both Genders

First and foremost, the Saudi land needs your male guardian’s consent to let you set foot in public workplaces. If you don’t get the permission of your male guardian, you can’t go for a job in this Arab land. If you are a bachelor, your brother, father or uncle can give you this beneficial favor for sure.

Workplaces with Practicing Gender Segregation Rules

According to the Saudi Ministry of Labor laws, Working in Saudi are allowed to work on places where there is an adherence to the laws of segregation for both genders. The places where there is a crystal clear separation for both genders. For example, the public institutes must have separate bathrooms, private and prayer rooms and lunch rooms for both men and women. The denial of this strict rule would lead the company to penalties.

A Reverent Women’s Place in Saudi Arabia
With the advancement of time, the process of modernization in Saudi Arabia is ongoing. Gone are the days of more than extreme conservatism in Women’s Rights and Status. For the past several years, women can be seen Working in Saudi in almost all walks of life. There is an appreciable number of Saudi women gaining ground in the whole world. The notable names are Princess Reema Al Saud, Raha Mubarak, and MishaalAshemimry with many more.

Saudi Steps in the Process of Feminization     

Over the last few years, the Saudi Kingdom has significantly achieved advances in women’s education. It is gearing up to bring the female-friendly and beneficial reforms in the Saudi society that were advocated by the late King Abdullah. These reforms have encouraged the common Saudi fair Sex to set out for promising careers.

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Consent of Driving

Among the friendly reforms, the Consent of female driving is really stupendous. Now the skillful women Drivers can roam in the streets with dignity. This major step would open up the new horizons for the women for sure.

The Initiation of Glowork

The Glowork is the women-oriented Saudi Arabian company founded by Khalid Al Saleh.  It is an organization that is dedicated to Women’s recruitment in workplaces. Thus it helps the women to find suitable jobs to meet their ends.

In 2019, it organized a big job fair for the females Working in Saudi to provide them with promising career opportunities. This organization has advised its clients to employ female workers in their firms to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.




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