About Me

About Me

Hey hi there, I’m Laveena Pinto, from Mangalore, Karnataka, India, and I’m so happy that you found your way here…

I am born into a Christian family and have happily married to a Hindu for the last 11 years.

Being the eldest child, I’m followed by my sister and my brother. Life has thought and is teaching the meaning of challenges, success in every form.

After finishing my bachelor’s in Arts, I immediately started to work as it was a requirement. I started my career as a Customer service representative in Mangalore then, however, that stint did not take for so long, and I decided to try my luck in UAE a few years back in the hope of finding a better pasture. It’s been more than 13 years now in UAE, it’s become my home (wishing forever) dedicatedly working for last few years to meet my day to day needs and to achieve my set goals. However, recently decided to take a break from the regular work life to pursue the other part of my passion, dream!!!

Why Blogging?

I needed a space where I can do something different. In my family or in my known sources there are no bloggers who manage the websites nor there are any influencers. So that was the main reason i chose this line.

I’m not a person who works with one particular passion or interest, as I have been like this since my childhood, hence I’ve chosen my work as and when I got offers. In life sometimes everything cannot go as planned. Since I’m a multi-potentialite, I wanted to do something where I could enjoy doing whatever I could.

I love cooking, shopping, watching movies, traveling, researching, Photography but since I loved so many things, I couldn’t try to find my passion in one particular way. And then I found a solution to meet my passion with my fear. Decided to reach people, started learning, utilized my skills and here it is starting phase of what I wanted to do.

What am I going to do on my website?

www.Queenbeeszone.com has a steady flow of blogs to suffice your needs and demands. Maybe travel, food, how-to-tips, and health and wellness blogs, which is based on my day-to-day life or from people’s experience. www.queenbeeszone.com is aiming to be an ever-reliable website. Detailed updates will be updated shortly.

What do I look forward to?

I admit that I made a few sacrifices major one by giving up my decent job, but the feeling of fulfillment is more than anything else. We only live once; I will never spend my life doing things that I don’t love!

Audiences like you will help me fulfill my forever dream and be a part of my success story.

With all the support of my loving husband who has been extremely supportive in everything I wanted to do, has been the rock of my life, and also with my family, friends, and loved ones, I feel I’m on way to live my dream. I am happy more than ever!

And of course, always feel free to follow along and come say hi on Instagram and Facebook via queenbeezone. Do share it with your loved ones.

Always remember that in queenbeeszone.com, the readers are the real owners of the Queen Bee!

Thanking you for being a part of my Journey!

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Forever truly,