It was my first ever experience of being part of Art of Living – happiness program. I have been getting few invites for happiness programs etc as many of my known people have enrolled in this for a while now. but i always assumed that this is something to do with religion. And I am surely not religious to be a part of it. Rather not even spiritual.

It happened that I met my co-cousin who lives in Kuwait since she got married, was visiting Dubai, UAE to go back to Kuwait, via Dubai during this pandemic. We happened to meet them. While conversing I was sharing my thought’s what was happening and her husband just mentioned you should attend this program – ART OF LIVING, happiness program online. The topic of main discussion was sleep and since I was going through some kind of anxiety the topic of discussion made sense.

I have these unending, unlimited thoughts popping up the minute I go to hit the bed. I would be awake till early morning hrs like 4 Am and then would close my eyes have a sleep for those few hrs, by then it would time for my alarm to ring say by 06:30 AM to get ready to office. This was happening, I was being lethargic, but was productive enough. May be creative terms were a bit less.

Obviously, you ask me something, I am all that excited. But then since i was going through so much of chaos I thought to myself I should give it a try.

Finally, I decided made up my mind to join the program. When the next program would be confirmed someone would contact me and then I can take it over from there. here is my art of living happiness program review, from personal experience.

Well, in my mind it was like I don’t think anything can change me, coz I am pretty strong headed person. I feel solution to my problem is you answer my questions in a way that pleases me and my mind and then I am fine, surely until next question pops up.

So, when I was contacted by the art of living member stating they have the session, it would be a zoom call. During the first call they spoke to me, found out my concerns and told a bit about ART of LIVING. Well I was a bit excited and confused too…

So, during this program, I was all expecting to get all the answers to my questions, and was expecting them to know me very well since I expected them to be universally enhanced with those spiritual powers. Well, that all happens in movies.

Day 1 of the session, went well, I liked the discussions, tried the few exercises they told, I slept ok. Can’t say very well.

Day 2 session was really good. I was quite active, since this program was happening in the evening being active at that time can be challenging. And this night I literally could not sleep even after trying a lot of stuff… But my mind was not busy, it was calm, I was not anxious. Just unable to sleep.

Day 3: we discussed about this issue, and I was told it will take time, and it will be ok. I started liking the program, the contents that were discussed. Relatable, simple, and the most ignored topics.  Again, this night I slept well.

Day 4: last day, by now I learnt the kriyas (the forms of exercises) not a pro but was good at it. Honestly, I did not want this program to end, coz the topics were interesting, lovely gurus we got and that team spirit was amazing.

the best part about this program is the being a part of it. For a person like me joining programs is not at all a big thing, I register for lot of courses be it free or paid. But consistency and continuity is something I miss on. In this case I did attend all the 4 days, was on time, and followed my kriyas on my own.

I realized its all about what we want, mindset, how we treat ourselves, our body, the most ignored thing in everyone’s life is BREATHING and lastly its all about discipline.

Few myths that I had in my mind when I thought of this program:

  • It’s going to be a religious meet like where you pray loudly
  • I will not continue after 2 days
  • I feel shy
  • Ok unmarried people will be conducting sessions, coz i feel they have all the time in the world… N i was soooo wrong with this.

Few outcomes that I got from this art of living program:

  • Art of living harmony: People are happy and I can be happy too. its a choice as to what we want to do with our life.
  • Art of living wisdom: I don’t have to be depending on others opinion, or need not be scared or shy to give my opinions
  • Live in the present – this line makes a lot of things clear. Preparing for tomorrow is good, but you don’t know your next minute, and you cannot change your past.
  • You will get your mind and thoughts cleared, not immediately but surely eventually
  • Art of living Breathing: Lastly, money power is all good… but ultimate is BREATHING… I know this sounds silly, but this is the real truth. – 
  • no you don’t have to buy any art of living products

Overall, I have enjoyed the course, and I would surely want everyone to join this. Don’t expect overnight changes rather don’t expect anything from the program, just attend once.

Well, this is surely not any promotional content, but surely a personal review coz I have attended this and since I am benefitted from this, and hence I am sharing on my blog, so everyone can benefit from this.

Hope my readers will benefit from this program for their life.

Yours truly,

Queen Bee!!!

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