Super-easy Guide to beginners – Basic blogging goals.

Have you decided to earn some extra bucks while solving the problems of other people? You are right – you are blogging material. But you have to start your own blog for that. Therefore, it is high time to learn from this super-easy beginners guide to start blogging. In this article, we’ll walk through the whole process of starting your first blog. Set your main blogging goal for 2021 to start your own blog.

Steps to start blogging:

  1. Select A Niche
  2. Get a Domain Name and Host
  3. Customize Your Blog
  4. Write Your Blog Posts
  5. Optimize Blog for Search Engine
  6. A subheading on every 300 words
  7. Alt Text for images
  8. Meta description
  9. Permalink
  10. Keyword density
  11. Promote your Blog
  12. Monetize your Blog
  13. Google Adsense
  14. Affiliate marketing
  15. Keywords used

Select A Niche:

Picking a niche is very important because it helps you focus on the ideas you want to present. With a niche, you have a targeted audience. To select a niche, you have to consider three personal factors: your interest, expertise, and experience. Write down all or any topic that best fits these descriptions.

Then you should test them for two factors: saturation level of the niche and market value.

To find the saturation level, you can look into the number of results Google search shows. If they are more than 100 thousand, your niche is surely competitive.

Next, check the Google Keyword planner. Check that if the mean paid rate is about $10. Your niche’s market value is impressive.

Get a Domain Name and Host:

Have you selected your niche? Now, you need to get your domain name and host. Finding a great domain provider that is overwhelming sometimes. You can get your domain either from GoDaddy, which provides domains for a reasonable price. Or you also get your domain from your host provider. There are a lot of good host providers on the internet, like Bluehost and WordPress.Org. Whichever you choose, make sure it provides unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificate, and one-click installation to WordPress software. All these will go a long way in making your blog successful.

Customize Your Blog:

Once you have set up your blog, you need to customize it to make it a good fit for your blog.

You can start by selecting a theme that best describes your needs. For example, if your blog is about traveling. You should pick a theme that can describe stories easily; Divi and Astra are maybe the best for this kind.

Create a home page and description that describes who you are and why you are doing this. People will connect to your ideas and aspirations and will become your followers.

Next, to improve your website’s user experience (UX), compress all the files uploaded on your website. The faster it loads, the better your users will feel.

Write Your Blog Posts:

Alright, the designing step is over. It is now time to start creating the content. You can start writing on the topic by introducing your blogging goals and what the niche is all about. And how you plan to serve your audience.

Then you have to look for the blogging topics that are trendy. Write only on new trending topics because that’s how you get ahead of the competition. You can find these trending topics on the free Google trends website. Search your niche there; check the results for the Breakout topic.

Next, you should focus on the style of writing. People real your content for two things: quality and style. If they love your style, they may even ignore the content. So, adopt a style that people can’t ignore.

Optimize Blog for Search Engine:

This is a crucial step. To attract free organic traffic to your website, optimize your content for the search engines. If you are using WordPress, install the YoastSEO plugin. It will suggest to you all that you require to optimize your post. If you are not on WordPress, here is what you should do:

A subheading on every 300 words:

Use the title and headings to structure your articles.

Every 300 words part of your writing should have a separate heading.

Alt Text for images:

Images that you upload should contain Alt Texts. Go to the settings of the image and write their Alt Texts. These texts help the Search engines identify the images.

Meta description:

Add the meta description to your page. Remember, your meta description should not exceed 155 characters and ideally should not be less than 130.


Other than that, you need to write a simple permalink to your page. It is the link to your page.

Keyword density:

Ideally, your blog post should have a 5% keyword density. This will boost your ranking for your keyword.

Promote your Blog:

Believe me, if you don’t promote your page, no one will promote your page for you. It is because you are the first person to have access to your content. And web content is not usually visible unless indexing on google and promoted on social media. Share your content with your family and friends. Ask them to read and share with other people that may be interested in your content.

Read, share, and comment on other such content over the internet to build your authority over the matter. Tell the internet you exist.

Monetize your Blog:

Of course, if you do all that and don’t take monetary benefits with your work, you waste energy. So here is how you can monetize your blog.

Google Adsense:

You have 16 or more articles with some valuable audience in a niche. Then you qualify for Adsense. Google will pay you for every click made on your website on the ad they have paced. This ad revenue can reach up to $1000 in the first month if you do things right.

Affiliate marketing:

If you don’t qualify for the Google AdSense, then affiliate marketing is an option open for you. Okay, here is what you should do. Sign up for any affiliate marketing product in your niche that you support. Present on your website why you believe that the product is great. Create a call to action button and paste your affiliate link. Every time you have a sale, you will get commissioned. Great!

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