Before answering what on what is being happy, lets understand , what is happiness? – Happiness is a feeling of joy, pleasure and good fortune. Happiness is exactly what you feel when you learn that you won a lottery or you got admission in your top priority college. But, in fact, happiness is a momentary phenomenon. There are various things or tasks that people do very often to bring happiness into their lives. Everyone surely has their own thoughts, opinions on being Happy. For sure Food, friends, being in love, being loved, achieving milestones, etc, etc, plenty of moments.

Well, I will be elaborating a few of them in the following lines.

The first thing is deciding to be happy. A wrong perception that many of us have, we think happiness is an outcome of success either in the form of a successful job, a successful business or achieving a goal. Happiness is, in fact, a choice you have to make. Second most influential thing is gratitude. Gratitude brings the belief that will enthusiast a person to make his dream come true. It brings harmony that will pave the way towards happiness. The third most influential thing is affirmations or optimism. These bring positivity in your personality that is the key towards happiness. The fourth influential task is to meditate daily. This will help you keep the focus on and keep track with affirmations and gratitude. Concentrate on your in and out breathing, keep away all random thoughts. Go to start the ability to managing stress and stressors in your life. This will guarantee you being happy.

The fifth must do the thing is laughing more and more. Try to laugh at a moment irrespective of how small or big its impact is. Laugh more and you will actually feel better even if a stressful condition prevails or experienced by you. Try to join laugh yoga group and surround yourself with positive, optimistic people. Laughing also helps you to find good in things.

The sixth must do the task is enjoying the little things. Little things leave a big impact on your mind and personality. Staying happy on small things is a precious phenomenon. These include a smile given by someone, a cup of hot coffee given by someone on a cold day, a call from someone you love. Finding joy in little things opens you up to the abundance of the world. The seventh most influential thing to being happy is exercising regularly during the week. Exercise is too good for your body and your mind. Exercising regularly leaves you energetic, feeling positive, reduces stress and depression, makes discipline and increases the quality of sleep. The eighth must do the task is spending time with loved ones. This is all about spending quality time with the people you care about. These loved ones would be your friends, your parents, your lover, your children or your pets. Life is all about serving others and bringing value to their life. This will in return bring happiness in your life. Ninth most influential thing is making time for yourself. This will make you happy and satisfied with your life. The tenth most influential thing is to stop blaming others for whatever is done. Whatever is done cannot be undone. So don’t blame someone. This will bring others closer to you and happiness prevails.

These are all the tactics that guarantee happiness in your life. You would lead a happy life with the tags of gratitude. All know there is no such trick or tip, but it’s in your mind, if you are set to be content, I assure nothing can stop you.

Keep Smiling, Be Happy and Spread Happiness!!!

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee