With the summer season just around the corner, you must be already getting prepared for beating the heat. Keeping your body cool is one of the major concerns that people have during the season. The only way to stay fit during summers is to keep your body hydrated and fresh. There are a lot of options available in the market of drinks that keep your body cool like Rasna, Roohafza, etc.

When Should You Have summer cooling Drinks?

You should have cooling drinks the moment you feel tired or exhausted because of the heat. But always keep in mind to maintain the level of sugar. Also, you must not gulp any cool drink down after coming from the sun.


Summer drinks for cooling body offer a wide range of benefits. As they are prepared at home, you do not have to worry about any side effects it might cause. Let us take a quick look at some significant benefits of cooling drinks:

  • They are safe on the liver and do not have any side effects
  • They are easy to make and economical
  • Cooling drinks can be served to the kids also

Drinks To Avoid During Summers

Summer is a season that makes you feel thirsty, but you must avoid some of the drinks that might end up giving health issues to your body.

  • Cold Drinks: You must avoid all types of soft drinks. Yes, they do feel good, but they have high adverse effects on the liver. also since these are high on sugar, would affect health as well.
  • Tea or coffee: One must keep a check on the consumption of tea during summers as too much caffeine can result in ulcers in the stomach, due to the heat in these drinks.

    How to prepare juices?

    My favorite juicer would be Nutri-Bullet, small, handy, and quick one. apart from this we can use mixer grinders, blenders, also few juices can be extracted by boiling and soaking overnight. Keep all the ingredients ready, blend them smooth. Toppings can be used like mint leaves, sabja seeds (basil seeds) fresh fruits, ice cubes, lemon slices, anything that you are fond of.

List of Cooling drinks for summer To Enjoy easily made at home:

  • Water: Best body cooling drink and this is universal. not everyone can afford to have juices. But water can be made available easily. Drinking good amount of water during summer is very important.
  • Coconut water: the most best drink for all times. If you are living around the coastal areas, you can enjoy the benefits of this fruit. Not only tasty its one of the best hydrating product. easily available at streets in India.
  • Kokum Sherbat: Kokum is also called as Malabar tamarind. The dark pink color fruit is seasonal. Juice can be extracted from the outer shell of the fruit. Fruits are dried and then soaked overnight with water. juice is then mixed with sugar or salt as per your choice. served chilled.summer cooling drinks summer cooling drinks
  • Sugarcane Juice: Freshly extracted sugarcane juice is not only healthy but also loaded with nutrition. Adding ginger, lemon adds more flavor.summer cooling drinks
  • Buttermilk: if you visit any Indian home or any restaurant, this will be served with tahlis. refreshing and simple.summer cooling drinks
  • Mango Lassi: Mangoes are summer fruit, having independent house, we had the mango trees around our homes, which made us enjoy fresh pickles, salted mangoes, juices and other stuff.  For Lassi, Just mix chilled curd and mango in a blender top it with ice and enjoy this cool drink with your entire family.summer cooling drinks
  • Nimbu Paani: Lemons keep your stomach acid-free and also give your body enough vitamin C. Enjoy black salt to your chilled glass of lemonade, and you won’t mind drinking another glass.summer cooling drinks
  • Thandai: A popular drink found in every north Indian Punjabi house. Thandai is made by mixing almonds and rose water with milk and is topped with cardamoms.
  • Badam Milk: this was our favorite one to drink after returning from playing. served chilled, with some snacks just amazing. Prepared with the ready made powder from the stores, mixed with mix and served a big glass. summer cooling drinks
  • Aam Panna: another famous drink, Aam Panna is made from raw mangoes and is helpful in the prevention of heatstroke.
  • Rose milk: This is again my favorite. we used to prepare this with Roohafza syrup. Mixed with milk and ice cubes. you can add, basil seeds and watermelon chunks.
  • Flavored Lemonades:  Various options like strawberry, blueberries, blackberries can be blended with lemons which are surely delicious and tempting. In your lemonade, add some crushed fresh fruits like blueberries etc, and enjoy its tangy flavor.
  • Vegetable juices: can also have vegetable juices especially, like ABC juice – Apple, Beetroot, Carrot with some ginger or Ash gourd juice. Juices can be prepared with anything that is easily available. 
  • Fruit Smoothies: Blend your favorite fruits in chilled yogurt and enjoy fruit smoothies. You can also serve this drink to kids.

Being from Mangalore, we have small street shops which sell fresh homemade juices and ice candies, which are quite cheap and affordable.

You may refer this link for some amazing recipes related to summer cooling drinks.

These were some of the best summer cooling drinks that you can enjoy in the summer season. Summers are the time to keep your body cool and hydrated. The more water you drink, the better your season will be. Stay away from aerated drinks and experiment with your curd, fruits, and lemons and make delicious drinks to enjoy with your family.

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay hydrated.

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