You open your eyes, you are with your family, you close your eyes, and you are with your family. Family is a blessing for life. Your start your life with them, and then be one. So, building strong family relationships simply a feeling in family members.

This is the best thing about nature; you don’t decide which family you will be born into or which parents you choose. But yes, in between what you do, is surely on us, to build the family relationship or to be alone.

Lots of types are there, emotional, dramatic, disciplined, religious, while mine was a combination of all. Relaxed, hard-working, meeting day to day needs in a good way. I have taken a joint family and my family into consideration and have written this content.

Family relationship definition is difficult to explain properly, simply it’s a great feeling. The main purpose of our family relationship was Unity. From our Grandma to our parents, we have seen their struggle to keep united, in terms of challenges. We started our life from a joint family, where the four brothers, stayed together with my grandma. Over the years, things started looking different, as each one had their needs to be fulfilled.

building strong family relationships

building strong family relationships

There has been a lot of changes over the years in terms of family relationships. Too much modernization has led to change the meaning of family. Like, from having many kids to no kids or one kid or leaving parents on their own, missing out on family events are some of the major changes that we are seeing in today’s generation.

Families Faced few Challenges are as Below:

Financial Commitments: Countries’ economic growth does affect families. An increase in day to day expenses, in terms of food, bills, etc. was making it more environment.

Space Constraint: As kids grew up, the space looked small to get adjusted. Need own space is it for keeping stuff or managing our guests was a bit difficult.

No Privacy: Being in a family where you have so many people around, it can affect your personal space.

Fights Look Ugly: Too many people’s opinions can create a rift that can lead to ugly fights. Can shatter the peace.

Favoritism: Another major reason for chaos. Its a cause of dissatisfaction and create problems in a relationships.

Going Apart: Being together at times can be painful but going apart can be worst. It not only brings a space in the corner of the house but also in the heart.

How we have Strengthened our Family Relationships?

How to strengthen family relationships? It’s a common question for many people. It’s a puzzle, that what are the main components of strengthening family relationships? Here I would like to share my personal experience and family practice. I believe that was truly effective to strengthen family relationships.

Head of the Family: our dad was the head of the family, who leads family, met the needs, stood by us during the wind and sunshine. He was always backed by my mother, who was another part of our pillar. They made it all easy for us.

Prayer Time: We had a set family prayer time for every day. It was surely followed until the time the we moved away from our parents for further studies / work, while my parents still do follow it as a routine.

Festivities: We always met during the feasts or festivals, this was a compulsion. It was a routine followed by our grandma’s time.

Stand up for each other: be it in terms of relatives or business-related matters, we stood for our parents. Right or wrong was discussed later. Honor is the secret to living the life you want.

Our Family Time: From Childhood, the best day of the week was a Sunday. This day dad would not go anywhere; it was a no workday. So this day was spent going to relative’s homes or a day out like beaches. Meals would be really special.

Committed: My parents are the set examples, how they have been together in spite of all the hassles and tussles. Can say they stayed true on to their marriage vows.

Family is the priority: nothing comes before or after them. They are our priority. Be it if they just want to see us or need to talk to us, we are making a point to be there for them.

Appreciation: this works in every field, be at work or home. Does not cost much, it adds that amazing smile on each one face when we appreciate, as parents to kids and vice versa.

building strong family relationships

building strong family relationships

Things to do to Building Strong Family Relationships

Love each other:  It is such an emotion that can build the broken bridges. So show enormous love towards your family which essential for family bonding. Also, it’s an essential part to be a happy couple happy life.

Accept the way each one is: one is perfect, not everyone can please you. But that does not mean, you have to hate someone or show your anger towards your parents or siblings. Don’t try to change anyone, learn to adjust and try to Encourage Support.

Judge Less: each one has their way of dealing with the situation or handling it. You need not judge them for their behavior. Give your suggestions, advice and give compliments.

Communicate: Positive family communications are the most important thing in anyone’s life, for any relationship. It just make life easier, increase confidence and overcome insecurities. Discuss, plan but communicate.

Try to do things Together: be it Family Meeting, cooking or a family vacation trip planning, or just sitting to watch something together. Sit with the family and doing it so much fun. Yes, I know, it can get complicated as choices may vary from other members. But that’s the real fun.

Have your time during the day: maybe a meal together, or prayer time surely will help in building a strong family relationships.

Spend one day at least during the month: everyone is busy, but if you can take one day off, and spend it with your family, it will make a difference on you and them like; family movie night, travel outside etc. So, give family importance and spend special times for family bonding activities.

Celebrate your special days with each other: be it birthdays, yours or theirs, wedding anniversary, or festivals, your promotions, your new job anything, spend it with them and Encourage Support. Besides, personalized gift ideas make a moment more colorful. They would have prayed for your well being.

Build Memories: more than investing in buildings, build on memories, those can be cherished and lived on forever.

Forgiveness: the holistic word, which needs to be religiously followed when it comes to family relationships. No EGO, no anger to last for long, which are the cause of toxic relationship. I wish this is taught from the time we are born.




Having a family is a blessing, be it a small family or a big one. There are various experiences that I have in terms of good and bad memories in our family. But what I live matters. My parents are my priority, but my family is equally important. A family does not just involve my parents and siblings, but there are a lot of other relationships that are part of it.

Respect each one. Forgive and be there whenever either of them requires you. That should be the purpose of each one’s life. So, give family importance and Building Strong Family Relationships.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!