Secrets to Live the Life You Want

If you ask me, i would state there are no SECRETS. each one's life is different. Each ones struggles or challenges varies. Most of the people want to live the life that they want. If you also want then who’s is stopping you. You can live the live of your own choice. You just need to focus on some...

Throw the Color of Friendship on Everyone You Meet

the Color of Friendship
There is great buzz about friendship day. Colors of Friendship is the new color of life. It is a relationship, which is discovered by people themselves. Unlikely all other relationships, it is certainly a unique one. If you want to make your life better than ever before, you need to unveil the benefits of friendship. When you are with...

confidence is silent insecurities are loud – How do i overcome my insecurities

confidence is silent insecurities are loud
They Say, confidence is silent insecurities are loud, is it true? YES. Am i insecure of anything? Yes, Of course!! It's human nature. How do i overcome my insecurities is what i have jotted down from my personal experience. What do you mean by Insecure? Not confident, doubting oneself, less or no belief in self. For a few, there might other...

Little Things That I’ve changed in 2019

Little Things - 2019
Things That I have changed for 2019