What do I think of Working in a corporate office

Working in a corporate office
Coming from a small place, not very sure what corporate world is, it was when I landed in Dubai, when i got a job in a Multinational corporate company started knowing what it is. It took me years to understand and absorb why people in the corporate world work so differently as compared to where I came from. On the one...

How housewives earn money from home – their way of savings

housewives earn money from home
Growing up in a joint family, our ladies in the house hardly went out for work, but then have seen few housewives earn money from home. They were home makers. Also they would do the little things to earn some money for themselves. Few things my mom and aunts did in the past were, cooking for events, growing and...

Women Helpline In India- A Revolutionary Step Towards Women Empowerment

Why Was There A Need To Have Women Helpline Numbers? Men and women are the blessings of the same almighty, but society does not treat them on an equal basis. A woman is considered weak, sensitive, emotional, and gullible, whereas men are regarded as practical, sensible, strong, and clear-sighted. These characteristics are so deeply ingrained in the minds of people that...

Common Problems Faced By Women In India Even Today

Women In India
The Actual Position Of Women In Society The notion of the Indian Constitution is based on equality and upliftment of the status of women in society. Unfortunately, the age-old beliefs and prejudices have not entirely vanished and are still strictly followed. The phrases like 'a woman is the shadow of a man and need to follow his footsteps', 'women can...

Going Back To Work After Vacation Seems Like Coming Back From Heaven

Life And Work Are Inseparable Every human being desires to live a life full of excitement and happiness without any kind of tension or stress. Nobody likes to deal with a hectic schedule full of duties and responsibilities as everybody wants to have an easy-going life. If given a chance, no one would like to work hard instead would...

Women Managing Work And Home – A Strenuous Task Handled With Great Fortitude

managing work and home
An Ideology That Is inherent In Our Minds Every human being is primarily perceived based on two basic concepts - sex and gender. Sex refers to the biological differences between men and women, and  Gender refers to different roles assigned to males and females in society as it relates to social and cultural differences. A stereotypical image of both men and...

Tips to Create a Healthy Workplace Environment for Your Employees

Tips to Create a Healthy Workplace Environment for Your Employees
Perhaps, one of the most significant elements in engaging and motivating employees is by having a healthy office working environment. It’s also ideal when it comes to building and maintaining a positive outcome in a hectic atmosphere. A good work environment is very essential for your company as it could result in bringing more sales and positive outcomes for...

Challenges of a Housewife from my experience

Housewife life
Yes, I was having a good job, earning a good salary. But they say GRASS IS GREENER, ON THE OTHER SIDE. I knew few ladies who were housewife’s all day sitting at home. I felt they were relaxed as they woke up at their sweet time. This made me think and want for the change in my regular lifestyle....

How Appreciation at Workplace Can Benefit a Business

Appreciation has various synonyms However, it is true that starting a business is easy, but when it comes to making it a great success, you will have to look for something really effective. There could be various things that can be taken into consideration when it comes to making a business real success....

Tried and tested Recipe by my Friend – Shaheen Sheikh.

Ari Poori (rice Poori) This sounds to be a basic recipe, but trying something different from the comfort zone, is a challenge. Ingredients: 1 cup of raw rice / Pachari ½ cup grated coconut 1 cup Maida