Celebrate love coz its Valentine’s Day – What Exactly Is It?

Valentines day is about – a day to celebrate romance, love, warmth, affection and gratitude around the world. Earlier this day was celebrated as a Western Christian Feast Day in honor of two saints known as Valentinus.

How would you feel, when your guy surprises you with flowers, those lovely messages, plans a date, dinner or long drive. Same way when your lady love, dresses beautiful, to look that princess in your eyes, cooks amazing food, may be even gifting some cool gifts. I know this is what love does and what love needs. We all need that special attention, always but surely a bit more on Valentine’s day. Celebrate Love

14 February is celebrated as a Valentine’s Day all over. This day has a positive significance in the life of every human being. What is real happiness? The answer to this is love. Without love, human beings would have been practical robots with a materialistic mind. Love is peace, a feeling of completeness, a feeling of actualization. Money can make you happy for a short span of time, but love is everlasting. Every human being seeks love from his/her valentine.

A Memorable Tale Regarding Valentines Day

I’m sure many would not be knowing the story behind this day, here we go. Claudius was a Roman Emperor during the ancient period from AD 41 to 54. Soldiers were needed in the Emperor Claudius army to fight battles. According to the emperor, married men were very bad soldiers because they prioritized their families and were also reluctant to leave their families behind when they had to go for the battle. The emperor was against the institution of marriage. The task of getting the soldiers married was taken up by Bishop Valentine.

He used to conduct their marriages by inviting them to his place. When Emperor Claudius got to know about this matter, he outraged and arrested Bishop Valentine.

While awaiting execution from the jail, Bishop Valentine developed feelings for the blind daughter of the jailer. Before leaving the jail, he had sent her a message and ‘From Your Valentine’ was written on the front of it.

Even today, the phrase written by Valentine remains an admirable statement and is used on Valentine’s Day all over the world. This is how Valentine’s Day became popular.

Valentine’s Day with A New Spark This TimeCelebrate Love

Newly Married Couples

Newlywed couples are the ones who have recently got married. After getting married, either it’s an arranged or love marriage, couples usually think that they are no longer valentines after marriage.

The romance between the couple somehow fades. But on a positive note, marriage is the assurance of the fact that you are valentines forever now. They should celebrate Valentine’s Day with more enthusiasm and excitement. There are various ways to make your spouse feel special on Valentine’s Day.

  • A Beautiful Photo Frame: Now, you can capture your memorable moments in the photo frame as it is a symbol of togetherness. Even cute album books
  • A Pair of Waterproof Silicon Bracelets: A similar pair of bracelet for you as well as your spouse can be a lovely gesture from your side.
  • Wooden Scrap Book / Album: Happy Everyday Wooden Scrapbook Photo Album for Memorable Gift on Boyfriend Girlfriend Birthdays, Valentines Day, Anniversary, for Couples
  • Lovely Jewelry: Jewelry is an amazing gift option. Gold, Diamond are always treasured. But fancy stuff is designed to wear on a daily basis, and most importantly, never pinches you pocket.
  • Wine Glasses: Now plan a date with your spouse and utilize these outdoor wine glasses to make the atmosphere more romantic.
  • Phones cases: If you cannot afford I-phone or Samsung, surely can gift some personalized phone cases.

People Who Are In a Relationship like dating

At schools, neighborhood, College, at work place, everyone must celebrate your love, in a special way. We call it teenage love. Budding lovers. Schools and college students have so much excitement on these days.

Few gifting ideas for dating couples, consiCelebrate lovedering the budget friendly options.

  • A Chocolate and Snacks Bouquet: Chocolates or any kind of sweets, are surely liked by everyone. Get a smile on your partner’s face by gifting him this gift. Surely this is one such gift, which can be shared with everyone.
  • Engraved Key Chain: This can be one of the best gifts, as this has loads of options,  from heart shaped, to designer styled. Keychain, is a must for everyone, so why not gift it on some occasion with the style you like. Adding images on it is a latest fashion.
  • A Set of Pillow Covers: Since you cannot be with your partner for 24 hours as you are not yet married, a set of pillow covers with romantic quotes written on them will make you feel their presence all the time.
  • A Flower Bouquet and Cake: This is a perfect combination of expressing your feelings towards your partner. sweet with flowers is just an expressive thought.
  • A Moon -Shaped Lamp: It can also be a good option of gifting to your partner. A mesmerizing moon-shaped lamp with 3D light is the symbol of romance.


Valentine’s Day is not meant for couples or couples who are dating. Valentine is a person whom you love, and it can be your parents, your family members and friends as well.  whom you can celebrate love anytime anywhere. Express your love and warmth towards them. This can be done in various ways. Here are few tips what do singles do on valentines day.

  • You don’t need to do a lot to make your parents feel special. Cook their favorite dish and get their blessings.
  • Gift and grow plants at your home and surroundings. Make your surroundings clean.
  • Prepare handmade cards and gifts for them for your family members and friends. A require a sheet and some sketch pens to make a card. You can also make handmade photo albums at home using a scrapbook ans pictures you have at home. If you know how to stitch, you can sew clothes for your loved ones. If you are good at painting, you can paint a picture of the people you love and give them as a gift. If you sing well, dedicate a song to your loved ones. Love is priceless and giving an expensive gift is not always important.
  • Take them out to a religious place and have a peaceful day. Always gong out for a party or shopping is not essential. Spend your day around positive energy.

Make Your Each Day a Special one

What’s Valentines Day for me? My Valentine is none other than my then love, and now Husband. Then when we were dating, it was just spending time with him was love. He would take care of me, spend time with me was amazing. He would take so much of efforts to write those beautiful love letters, buy my favorite chocolates, some flowers. while, me since i was studying hardly had so much money to buy expensive gifts. But used to buy flowers, greeting cards and surely made good excuses to spend time with him. (Kids don’t follow this from me).

Not much has changed between us, but yes, we have other priorities and responsibilities for now since we are married. But special days are special as they remind us a lot of past. so we celebrate by bringing cakes, try to gift useful things, like shirts, pens, books etc

Spread love and affection as much as you can. Love your mom, dad and family members. Obey their orders and respect them. Care for your close friends and appreciate their small efforts. Shower your care, love and affection towards your partner.

Make your loved ones feel special each day, celebrate the love. Live your life in such a way that each day becomes a Valentine day for you. Be a good human being so that you can move around with your head high. Try to avoid being selfish and be a lovable person.

Well, do share your Valentine stories with us.

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