Yes, I was having a good job, earning a good salary. But they say GRASS IS GREENER, ON THE OTHER SIDE. I knew few ladies who were housewife’s all day sitting at home. I felt they were relaxed as they woke up at their sweet time. This made me think and want for the change in my regular lifestyle. After thinking and discussing a lot on this topic, I finally chose to quit my job and opted to be a housewife. If you are assuming that my husband insisted to leave my job and insisted me to be a housewife, you are surely wrong. He was the part of my discussion, as his opinions matters a lot, well he is very supportive. and has never said anything against me. Also he believes in supporting me in whatever I like to do in my life.

Well here goes my version of what is it being a housewife:

You Are Responsible for Everything

The worst thing about being a housewife is that you have to take responsibility for everything from cooking to cleaning to grocery, name it and its all there. I’m sure If you had kids, then their duties from their playing to studies would be another bag on your shoulder. Well, I don’t have kids but I do have 2 cute little kittens, which are not less than my kids. No one notices that you are awake with them and sleeping mostly after them, coz you are responsible for everything from breakfast to last cleaning in the kitchen.


Firstly I have to rely on my husband’s money for anything you need.  Means for any household stuff or for personal needs. Well it would be difficult for me to ask him money due to the soft corner and unlimited calculations running in my mind that he had to bear due to me becoming a housewife from our mortgages, to our day to day expenses. Well, the fact is housewife never gets a salary, but yes, my needs were taken care to some extent.

What do you do?

Oh yeah this is the very common question I got to hear since I was a housewife. At times, even my husband did ask the same one. Everyone feels just because I was at home, their  imagination of me must be little different. Like waking up after everyone goes to work, my coffee breakfast all readily served, I did not have to worry about lunch or dinner, house was done by someone else and me was binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime…. Ahhh!!! Wish all this was true as imagined. In reality all these jobs were done by me as I’m the in charge to take care of these basics.

Continuous Stress

Hard work is never measured; this applies to housewife as well. Needless to say, being at home makes you neglect health and beauty as barely anyone comments or compliment. It was oaky to be shabby at times. Parlor visits are not really important even if time can be managed.  Most of the time, loneliness attacks especially during those mood swing times. All days look same, as there is no such thing like weekends or public holidays.

Well having said all this I do enjoy being a housewife, there is that one hour in a day, which I made a point to dedicate to myself which is the reason I started my website and that hour is worth all the days stress or chaos in my mind.

Yes, I would go back to work if I get a chance with some interesting scope of work. I’ve realized for me to be a housewife I don’t have to sacrifice what I’m really good at or more passionate about. At the end, I know I can be a housewife anytime I want, but would want to work for some time and be a full time housewife at a later stage!!!

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!