From Childhood, we are taught to follow certain set of rules certain ways. We don’t realize unless someone corrects. There is nothing written and handed over to us. As we grow up we tend to be careless, ignore some basics. So here we will try to jot down few basic rules that i feel everyone should try to follow, while few of them surely follow them.

  1. General:

  • If someone walks into the room, if you are on headphones, please slip off one side, so it makes other person comfortable to inquire or to start a conversation.
  • Its okie to make a newbie comfortable be it in the office or room. But don’t start disclosing all the info on the first day.
  • Keep your roomies informed if you are getting someone over.
  • Please limit your alcohol intake at party, this can also save you from embarrassment.
  • Its not required to comment on anyone’s weight unless its close friends. It surely will be considered great if you can give a positive comment stating – “Looking Fab”
  • Return back stuff if hired from neighbors or friends. They are not charging you, but surely, they need not come to collect.
  • Stop staring at people in few situations – if someone just got firing in the office, punishment at school or if anyone comes from the washroom after their business. It makes the moment more awkward.
  • Please try to avoid questions – why are you not married? Why you don’t have kids? Why didn’t you buy a house? – surely you are not going to help anyways.
  • Limit your advices, especially if you have not gone through it.
  • Stop fueling at someone’s situation – eg: someone lost some money and we would state, YES, I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. This makes the person feel even more horrible.
  • Lot of Phone and Email etiquettes to be followed from addressing correctly to being courteous + to the point.
  1. Respect:

  • Respect the waiter or the delivery guy same as you would do with your friends.
  • Stop being late all times.
  • If you are to attend a family or friends’ function, and if you can’t make it, don’t forget to inform them.
  • Don’t get your bunch of friends, for the party you are invited, unless you are informed to do so.
  • Stay humble and stop bragging in front of people or friends who can’t afford.
  1. Hygiene:

  • Do not kiss baby if it’s not yours, especially if its strangers.
  • Wash your hand every time you run into a washroom.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Well, these are few of them which popped into my mind when I started writings, while I’m sure there are plenty of them. You all are welcome to update us with your basics that you follow. We will surely update our content if we receive any from your end.


Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!