When I started blogging, I was clueless, that’s then I did plenty of mistakes, coz I started with ZERO knowledge. but then that’s the trick of life, you need to learn from your errors and move ahead. Of course, there are mentors, guides who have done this, created content related to this… but then I feel we learn when we do these mistakes even after following them…

Are you a blogger, but don’t see your readership expanding? Are you the careful one, who wants to make sure nothing goes wrong when you actually start making? If you are looking for answers to the question of what are the common mistakes that bloggers make, you have come to the right place.

We know how difficult it can be to garner readership for your blog. If you are new to this blogging world, you might be making several mistakes that are holding back your growth. Even the very seasoned bloggers who have been there for over 2-3 years are making similar mistakes (yes, there are many such bloggers- some are there for even longer). If you do not wish to join their ranks (we know you don’t), read on to know the common mistakes that bloggers make, and how to avoid them.

Not Understanding the Importance of SEO

This topic is surely like an ocean… you cannot learn within a day or succeed with it just when you start blogging. For me to understand the meaning of SEO it literally took almost a year… honestly not so thorough even now.  But I have learned that SEO is something that is very important for your blog.

This is the first point, so surely this is the most important point. YOU CANNOT IGNORE SEO. There can be no doubts about that. All the bloggers who succeed are doing something that the unsuccessful ones don’t-  SEO. If you want to increase readership – you obviously want to – you need to rank high on the SERP. For this, the most important thing to do is optimize your blog posts to rank higher on the search page. Do some research to find the ideal keywords for your blog posts, and use them appropriately.

Not Using an Email List from the Very Beginning

Email lists are more important than you think. This is not just a way of updating your readers about your post, it is rather a way of getting recurrent readership. When you send your subscribers an email, you give them an insight into what is there in the new post and most readers love to follow up on something that they like or are passionate about, especially when they get to know about it from someone who knows the field well. It will generate a lot of traffic to your blog, without you putting in too much effort.

Not Understanding Your Readers’ Needs

You think you know what they want to read next. YOU THINK. But is that what they really want? Playing a guessing game is difficult here, more so when the stakes are high. A blogger who caters to the needs of the readers will always be more popular and grow faster than the one who merely writes what he wants to. You can engage your readers in the form of comments or social media posts and ask them every now and then as to what they would like to read (of course, only related to your niche). This way you get to know from them directly and engage them to create a buzz about your blog. The word spreads faster thus!

Not Writing Longer Posts

Longer posts are important for search engines. Google simply loves them. If you carefully analyze the posts that rank on the 1st page, you will find one thing common between them all-the length. For any given topic, the lengthier posts, but also the ones that are well written, rank the highest on the search page. On average, try to keep your posts, particularly the important ones that are likely to be read more than the others because of the popularity of the topic, somewhere over 2000 words. The more, the merrier. Just don’t make it look like your college dissertation paper though! But remember, in your attempt to increase the length, do not compromise with the quality of your content. That will be a bad bargain. Write more, but also, write well.

Not Maintaining Consistency

This is a major problem with many bloggers. We understand that you have other chores to tend to, but if you decide to start a blog, please, please, please be regular about your blog posts. You cannot just write anything anytime and expect growth with such irregularities. You must be very consistent about when you write. You may choose to write once a week, or even once in 2 weeks, but please maintain that with vigor. Do not just fizz out when you notice that the few weeks of hard work did not get rewarded well enough.

There are many such common mistakes that bloggers make, but we found that these are the most repeated ones. Almost all the bloggers with only a small viewership (family, friends, and just a few others) can associate with these very points. There may be other reasons as well, that are hindering their growth, but these are invariably the most common ones. When you start blogging, or if you are a blogger who is facing the same challenge, you need to be careful and avoid these common mistakes that bloggers make.

Hope this content will help you when you start your blog.

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