The Actual Position Of Women In Indian Society

The notion of the Indian Constitution is based on equality and upliftment of the status of women in society. Unfortunately, the age-old beliefs and prejudices have not entirely vanished and are still strictly followed. The phrases like ‘a woman is the shadow of a man and need to follow his footsteps’, ‘women can not cross the boundaries set for them by their husbands’ and many such phrases used in the daily life portray the subordinate position of women in society.

If a woman is divorced, people look at her with suspicion and shame. Why do people forget that even a man has been divorced in the same case? Why isn’t he looked upon with the same feelings, and why doesn’t the behavior of people change towards him? There is just one answer to all these questions, and the answer is ‘ ingrained stereotypical thinking,’ which always blames a woman and considers her to be at fault.

The system of male domination, known as Patriarchy, is another tool in the hands of men to justify their superiority. Women struggle a lot in their day to day life because of the unequal and unjust treatment being given to them. They are the victims of male oppression, and even if they try to raise their voice against this, most of the time, their voice is left unheard. Even in an era of globalization and progress, Indian society still follows the closed ideology of treating women in an inferior way.

Women in India are still lagging behind in terms of improvement in their status and position in society as they face a lot of problems in every aspect of life: personal, social, economic, political, religious and cultural. There are several atrocities faced by women in India. Some of them are as follows:

  • Domestic Violence: It is the most common problem faced by women especially in India as it is prevalent in both rural as well as urban areas. Domestic violence refers to physical, mental, and sexual abuse that occurs in a domestic setting like marriage or cohabitation. Domestic violence is a broad concept, and it occurs because of different reasons and under varied circumstances which are:
  • Demand for Dowry: This is one such practice which can be frequently seen in most of the cases. Dowry refers to expensive goods, real or movable property, and cash demanded by in-laws of a woman at the time of her marriage. Parents of the bride are even threatened by her in-laws that they will cancel the marriage if they do not get the expensive gifts and the cash they have demanded. These are the unreasonable demands that are imposed on the bride’s parents, and this is a reason that dowry is considered a crime.
  • Verbal Abuse: A woman is emotionally harassed by verbal abuse from her husband or in-laws.
  • Sexual Harassment: A forced sexual act by the husband without the willingness of the wife.
  • Physical Abuse: Physically harming the woman by causing injury. The act is done by either the in-laws or the husband or maybe both of them.
  • The next problem that is most prevalent in India even today apart from domestic violence, is Eve Teasing. It refers to the use of offensive and unethical language to annoy or embarrass a woman in public. Vulgar and indecent taunts given by the eve-teasers might traumatize a woman to a great extent.
  • Rape: Even in today’s society, so many rape cases are still heard, which is a sign of big shame for us. The monstrous attitude of the men who are involved in this cruel act deserves the punishment of death on the spot with the same cruelty that the victim might have gone through when she was being raped.
  • Acid Attack: The most famous victim of an acid attack -Laxmi Agarwal is an example to reflect how harsh and the devil a man can be. Such an inhuman treatment is not at all acceptable.
  • Honor Killings: It refers to the murder of a girl or a woman who has brought shame and dishonor to the family. This is a sinful act done by the people, and they do not deserve respect and honor from the society.

If You Believe In God, Do Not Disrespect His Creation

Women are a creation of God, and they deserve equal respect and opportunities from society as are given to men. The problems faced by women even today should be given a permanent solution so that women can walk freely with their head high, just as a man does.

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