Things that I liked in my last corporate job


Having a corporate job, working in such an environment is a dream for many, while i was truly blessed to get it with ease (no recommendations sheer luck) I have spent almost 11 years in a corporate company. Surely would have liked something about it that I got stuck to it.

A) Here are few of those things that i liked in my corporate job: 

  1. Location: honestly for me the office location matters a lot. As this is one thing decides your morning and evening struggle. Spending too much time on the road, traffic can make life miserable. Luckily the place where my office was located was a perfect one. Closer to metro stop, various restaurant options, bus stop nearby, few had their kids’ school nearby, and few other benefits.
My Corporate Job
My Corporate Job
  1. Work-life balance: having staff strength of more than 70+ it created a homely feeling. We had proper planning after office hours, weekends, public holidays as we could share our workload to meet our family needs. It would have happened very rarely that we missed any personal event. Every day, prior leaving a proper handover to the night staff (as we had office open round the clock) would ease most of the challenges like phone calls, some emergency arrangements etc. yes, we still had a office laptop and office mobile phone with us.
  1. Opportunities: being a corporate company, having over 150+ branches or little more all over the world you would have vacancies popping up every time. For me when the best thing happened was when the department where I was working lost few contracts, I was offered a job in another department. This does not happen in small companies for sure as there is not so many department or business streams within the company. Apart from this few of my colleagues have migrated to other places of their choices using this benefit.
  2. Recognition: since our company was a brand, it was easy for us to introduce ourselves. Having offices all over, it gave us benefits in terms of places knowledge, use corporate hotel rates etc. when I left the job, I was offered jobs basis my experience in last company. When I started my next new job, though similar field, it was surprising that most of them knew me since my last company be it suppliers or principals etc.
  1. Benefits: like initially there was this concept of travel allowance provision to staff. This was an interesting stuff, wherein each staff would get a lumpsum amount in their name, which would be in the company records, this amount usually would be 2 – 3 times each travel fare, eg: for me I would get around AED 7K each year. And the plus point was this amount could be carried forward or used to travel to your favorite holiday destination.

Also, the HR team used to arrange for medical camps in the office, which would help the staff to understand their basis health graphs like sugar levels, BP etc.

Corporate Job
Corporate Job
  1. Scope for learning: there were various programs which would be like certification courses, training’s, etc. which helped us improve our existing skills.                          Like, advanced MS office skills, learning about containers, airfreight etc. if any software was launched, everyone was offered training if required.
  2. Makes a difference: if you have no experience and it’s your first job, then you will set your standards high by joining such corporate companies. If you have come from a small company with limited people, you will really see the difference.                        Supportive people, knowledge sharing, helping hand available always does affect your way of thinking. Few of the staff are working for decades, while some have the ancestral chain followed, this makes it get the feel how reliable company has been.

While having enjoyed my tenure, it was not easy journey as well. But surely had fun, faced a lot of challenges, emotional changes, made friends who are my family.

you have your corporate world experience, do share it with us, and we will share it with our readers.

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