covid-19-employee-postive , is an issue at most of the workplaces.

We are a staff strength of around 26 in the office. An office which is clearly a mullti-cultural. 20 different nationalities from Romanian to Albanian to Morocco to Italy to India to Pakistan. so on and forth.

Few of our colleagues stay around the offices, they do party after office hours to spend that time, release stress, to space out missing on their families.

On a Tuesday a group of colleagues did go out for a drink in the evening. Next day as usual back to office with that normal looks, while one was feeling a bit uneasy.COVID-19: EMPLOYEE POSTIVE

She managed to get an appointment with her doctor for Thursday to check what was wrong. She was having slight throat pain and feeling a bit weird. She went to the doc, and doc told its viral as the weather is changing. He did prescribe medications. Surprisingly clinic she went did not state her to do a PCR test which is to check COVID.

She then left the clinic and told the HR that she would work from home for Thursday. We all were expecting her to get well soon… honestly no one had time to notice her.

There comes weekend and two days we literally don’t see anyone except on emails…. On Sunday, we see her in the office while is says she is still feeling unwell. And she can feel something is really wrong with her…

It was her direct reporting colleague and HR who forced her to get the test done for COVID. She then left the office on Sunday. While the rest as usual are busy with our work life, planning our week ahead. Managing our desks etc.

On Tuesday morning our GM’s secretary I see her crying with my colleague, just walked up to her to see what happened all of sudden… to our shock now we have a covid-19-employee-postive.

It gave a shock for a moment for me as well… coz if I am positive, I might give it to my husband, I have two pets at home… I sent a message to my husband; he is like go do the test.

There was the chaos and panic state in the office, as few are sharing the rooms, no one knows what to do next, cannot tell this issue to anyone as everyone will be fearing…

At last we decided to leave the office get the test done firstly.

When we reached the clinic, we do have company insurance which states it covers the first test. The process of insurance sounded vague (will try to write a detailed blog on the process we went through) so we ended up paying the charges got the test done.

Having the weird fear within came home, took care of myself, tried avoiding hugging etc finally after 2 days got my result which said I am NEGATIVE. couldn’t be happier than this.

It was supposed to be my birthday week and I could never ask for better gift than this. Coz life would be different if at all I was POSITIVE.

I always ignore most of the things in life, coz I feel I won’t be there in that situations, yes true I am not in all the situations but when such things happen we are so lost, so stressed. I have realized that being careless, that carefree attitude can cause a lot not just for us, for all the loved ones around us.

Being safe in this case means – MAINTIANING DISTANCE / WASHING HANDS / SANITIZING / STAYING HOME…  not that we can follow this all the time, but surely can try as much as we can.

In this case, our office was never given permission to work from home, but now its forced to make staffs work from home. Now we have a shift basis working style. all are working, are still productive, still available as and when needed.

On an ending note, we did experience how it is to have a COVID-19 EMPLOYEE POSTIVE case around us. It can be stressful, painful and time consuming. So don’t Take chance, If you feel Unwell do get a check Up done.


symptoms of covid-19, day by day seems to be changing.

however symptoms that my colleague’s faced: 

  • throat Pains and Irritation
  • no taste
  • no smell

So please take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

Yours truly,

Queen Bee!!!