Some days back while at lunch break, my colleague shared her feelings. It was a bit scary for me to listen, but then we realized it was her dream stage. So then i decided will do some research on this topic and will write something.

We have all dreamt about something while we were asleep. It is one of the most natural things to do while sleeping, but have you ever asked the question “Is there a hidden meaning to my dream?”. If you have been trying to find answers to this intriguing question, then we have found some answers to the most frequently asked questions related to “Dreaming” such as, “Do dreams have cryptic meanings?” and “Can you self-reflect on your desires by analyzing your dreams?” We are also going to list down some fun facts about dreams. Read the entire article to get a good idea of what dreams mean.

Sigmund Freud, a famous dream analyst, once said: “The dream is the (disguised) fulfilment of a (suppressed, repressed) wish.” According to what Freud proposed, dreams can be considered to be the guardian of sleep.

Analyzing the various symbols in our dreams and finding out the deeper meaning in it has become quite a popular genre in pop culture. It acts both as a source of self-reflection and entertainment to people. So, let’s try to analyze some common dreams such as dreams about falling, dream about snakes, etc. and analyze the hidden meanings in them.

Here we shall explain about 7 Different dreams types and their meaning:

 Dreams about falling.

This is a very common dream that occurs to people. Dreams in which you are falling from a great height is quite common. One of the most well-accepted beliefs among people related to this form of dreams is that, if one hits the deck in one’s dream then one will pass away in reality- this is a myth.

According to most of the dream interpreters, falling dreams symbolize that something is not right in your life, and it suggests you reconsider some actions and take a new road in some areas of life.

  1. Dreams about Snake.

Dreams about snakes are also very common. This genre of dreams is the most diverse and has a large array of explanations to choose from. You need to ask a few questions to understand the dream thoroughly. “What type of encounter you had with the snake in the dream?”, “What type of snake was it?” etc.

If you are bitten by the snake in your dream it has a different meaning than a dream in which you killed a snake. Dreaming of a snake bite means that a “wake up call” is required in your life and it may act as a caution that you must pay close attention to the different threats you might have in your waking life. While a dream where you kill a snake may symbolize getting over your fears or temptations in your real life.

  1. Dreaming of a girl.

Ever heard of the word “Dream-Girl”, this doesn’t apply here! If you have a dream about a girl then most of the time the dream means that you have healthy connections with all the women in your life. In some instances, it may be connected to someone close to you.

  1. Death Dreams.

Another common thing to dream about is death and is something which can be quite upsetting. Sometimes one might dream about the demise of their loved ones or one might even have a dream of their own death. Popular dream interpreters suggest that these dreams show anxiety about some sort of change or fear for the unknown.

  1. Dreams About Writing a Test.

The author of the book “The Hidden Meaning of Dreams”, says that the writing of an exam in your dream may showcase a hidden fear of failing. Studies show that these dreams are quite common.

  1. Dreams About Being Naked in Public.

Did you ever have one of the awkward dreams where you show up to work in the most natural way possible? Don’t worry. Dreams of being naked in public are not that unusual.

.                 Dream analysts say that public nudity can reflect that you have a fear of showing your imperfections.

  1. Dreams of desires (Sex Dreams).

The first thing one may assume by having a sex dream about someone is that you might want to sleep with the person. But it is not that simple and it can actually have a completely different meaning.

For starters, sex dreams can be the product of the feeling of being alone and lonely, longing for some sort of a human connection. Another interpretation that can be made is that the second person in that dream can be the one with whom you want to develop some emotional bonding and intimacy.

Let’s have a look at some fun facts about dreams:

  1. You can only see known faces.

The dreams we see may have many characters in it, but interestingly we can only see the faces that we have seen in real life as dreams are mostly recollection of thoughts from the subconscious.

  1. Coloured-dreams are not for all.

Everyone in the world doesn’t dream in colour. As a matter of fact, studies show that about 12% of all people with clear eyesight dream in monochrome, which is in black and white.

  1. Your mind is more active while dreaming than when awake.

You must not assume that your mind is not active while dreaming. Studies have proved the fact that the mind is rather more active while dreaming than while being awake! Look at the data which is produced by the studies tracking the electrical activity in the brain while a person is asleep, and you will be shocked to see the results.

  1. Dreams speak through the “Subconscious”.

If you repeatedly dream about something or someone then it means that you have been thinking about that particular thing or person in your subconscious mind, and while sleeping your mind brings them up which results in those repeated dreams. Dreams tend to bring out the subconscious part of the mind.

  1. Half of your dreams are negative.

Among all the dreams that you see, about 50% of the dreams have some negative emotions in it. The most common negative emotions that people tend to have in their dreams are the rage, sadness, fear. You can use a dreamcatcher to catch the bad dreams as they’re meant to catch only the bad dreams. Dreamcatchers are made just to catch the bad dreams, and they let go of the good dreams which can help you get rid of the negative thoughts and frightening dreams.

Do dreams come true:

Cannot say always, but yes at times what we see in our dreams, it happens. Its actually true as per the various religions as well. Some dreams are the future vision while some are just abrupt thoughts that run through our mind.


If you have not found the answers yet then it is nothing out of the ordinary as dreams are very personal and it might mean something entirely different to you. we say dream a dream as the basic idea remains the same while decoding your dreams, you have to look at what your subconscious holds. Have fun finding out the meaning of your next dream!

We hope you enjoyed reading this interesting topic. Do share your views.

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