Discounted Food? Keep Your Eyes Wide Open While Hitting the Place Order Button – consumer awareness

Who doesn’t love discounts, freebies. I get excited when i read there is sale, especially when they say 90% off on your favorite items. But then i forget to read the small letters, terms and conditions apply.

I am sure this happens with everyone, not just me. Just that some are smart not to fall to this prey, while i am that fool who gets excited with fancy writings. Sadly never learnt any lessons even with experience. I know i can’t help myself. I feel everything thats on discount i can afford, even if i dont need it. this happens for all the products / clothes, make-up stuff / home appliances etc. 


But then this time i found something strange that happened, when i ordered food. over the time had never noticed or never realized. I would love to call a scam but also my carelessness or my stomach’s fetish for yummy food. Being a foodie, you will relate all this.

I was going through a well-known food delivery site that was offering a great discount on my order. Without much ado, I just quickly ordered a lot of lip-smacking food and was praising myself for the deal I got.

The moment I got the order delivered at my place and the bill was handed over to me, believe me, I felt kind of shock, where i felt i made a fool of myself. Why? i am educated, i know how things work, and yet i am being fooled. 

It was a scam, and I had to pay the entire 100% for the food as the company, a well-known brand, has introduced the deal to manipulate the customers. The rates were already discounted, eg: where a butter paneer platter was offered for Rs 450, which I get for Rs 320 on regular days. Gajar Halwa normal price was hiked and offered with discount which was actual normal price. this happened to all the items that i ordered, even the basic khichdi. 

My stomach felt the urge to eat and made all sorts of grumbling sounds to motivate me and eat the food.

Jokes apart, this article I wrote to let you all know about the scams these companies do to get more orders and generate revenue from food lovers like me who do not see anything over a big bucket of food. Be cautious whenever you plan to order food online and read all the terms and conditions carefully else all you will have to face is a mouth-watering food with a big hole in your pocket.

I fall for such preys very easily due to my excitement. I would want to bring awareness by starting it by being aware myself. consumer awareness

Few things to follow to start with:

    • Compare: yes, there is no harm in comparing the prices – before and during discounts. At the end we are paying it from our hard earned money. Also same food will be delivered at a better price may be from other nearby restaurant.
    • Choose the order: not necessary whats on offer you would need. 
    • Read the terms and conditions: Yes i miss this every time. Have made a point to understand them prior ordering.
    • Read the reviews: Every app has this feature, where you get to know a lot on the services, quality.
    • Talk to the customer service or the restaurant rep: yes, no harm in checking or asking your doubts, instead of assuming in your mind.
    • Share your reviews: you might not have bad experience all the times, but you can share your opinions and views to help others.
    • Keep your bills: Moreover, keep a copy of your bill with you if you find any discrepancies you can claim in the future.

Online ordering companies have made this a business to manipulate customers to generate revenue. But it is high time that you must keep your eyes wide open while placing an order.

Do keep a check on the regular prices and the discounted price being offered to you. Also, check any kind of taxes that you are being asked to pay.

It was a small incident that happened with me, and I am sure many of you would have witnessed a similar scenario. If yes, then feel free to share it.

Everyone needs money, and there are many ways of making and earning money. Some are easy, some are pure hard-work, while rest are such scams. I end up ordering food when i am left with no energy to cook due to my hectic work-life balance. It’s not that I have luxurious meals but surely the basic ones, and even that comes with such stuff, i feel nothing is left.

 Its easy to write at times but difficult to follow, but thats when we learn. We share the challenges we face so others can be aware, as i know there are many like me who are excited for offers, who just order, when they feel pricing is less. 

Hence its an urge for all you people, to spend on things that you need, not that fancies you, nor buy ‘coz you saw the most fancy wordings.

Hope to have genuinity with everything we do or we buy. I really hope few business people understand and respect their customers.

Thanks for reading. Do share your views or if you have come across such situations ever before. #socialawareness

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!