Raising pets entails much responsibility and discipline. Read this article to learn how to raise pets at home effectively. 

I grew up in Mangalore with loving pets at home. We have super cute cats and dogs that made my childhood extra special.

I was used to living a happy life together with pets, but when I moved to Dubai, all drastically changed, as I had to find balance in my life.

However, I did not stop, knowing the fact that having pets at home with me was one of my major wishes.

Finally, after a few years, with the support of my husband decided to adopt a small kitten.

Though both us were in doubt regards to managing all the responsibilities, their foods, medicines, vaccines, and other things kept popping in our minds.

However, our skepticism did not last for long. We decided to follow what makes our hearts happy.

We adopted Muffy in 2017. She is a cute Persian cat. We read some articles about Persian cats beforehand to make sure that we will only be giving the utmost care for Muffy.

We were glad because Muffy is a brilliant cat, as we did not have to struggle training her potty usage.

Muffy became a part of our family, after a year or so, we felt Muffy should have a partner, so we found Brownie (male cat). Cute dark mixed shades Persian.

Now, if like us, you also want to own a lovable pet, and ready for the responsibility to consider the following points:

1. Vet Doctors Contact. Prior purchasing or after, make sure to contact a competent veterinary first. You need to settle all things like timely check-ups + de-worming + issuance of passports and Chip (inserted to trace if they are missing).

2. Grooming: You must remember that owning a pet requires regular grooming; otherwise, your pets will be at risk. Regularly check the nails, ears, and hair of your pets.

 3. Clean the Mess: Every 15 – 20 days you need to replace the litter box. You must not use a dirty litter box to prevent infections.

4. Scratch Spray. To ensure that your pets will not inflect scratch or damage to your furniture, you can use mild scratch sprays available at local pet shops. (Not harmful)

5. Spaying /Neutering. You need to subject your pet to spaying or Neutering to keep them from serious diseases such as breast cancer and uterine infections. Look for a vet that is expert in these procedures. Just remember that once your cat or dog is subjected to Neutering, they will not be capable of producing offspring.

6. Pet Hair Remover. It is effortless to remove pet hair in your shirts or mattresses; you need to use a pet hair remover.

As much we love being with them, we enjoy doing their shopping as well, be it their toys or trying different food.

Introducing My lil’ pets – Muffy and Brownie. Aren’t they cuties?

There are a few challenges we encounter in our quest to own a pet.  Here they go:

1.  Night Life. Bear in mind that pets often awake or call the attention of their owners during the night.  So, be ready for this adjustment. Don’t worry, based on a study; pets do this to make sure that their masters are still alive during night time.

2.  Feel the Smell – Even if you are using a litter box to collect the discharge of your pets, sometimes there’s still foul odor that will persist. Regularly check your pets and the litter boxes to make sure that your home is clean inside out.

3. Allergy. Pets could be super sensitive in case if you have anyone with Asthma or allergies, as due to the pet’s hair or their existence in the house, it can aggravate the same.

4. Holiday Planning. It is also very challenging to spend a vacation when you have pets at home. Unless you are willing to spare some money for them to live at pet care during your absence.  The good thing was in my case, my brother was willing to take charge while we were on vacations.

5. Cleanliness. Maintaining cleanliness is the ultimate way to ensure that your pets are always healthy.  Aside from adequately grooming of your pets, make sure to check all the corners of your house as well.

Remember, we need to be very responsible because we are not in a ‘raise a pet game’.

We are very happy to have Muffy and Brownie in our family. These cute cats are more than enough to make me inspired in life! They are truly stress busters.

Do share your views on pets if you own them.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!