You may have heard a lot about enzymes in regards to beauty products and be wondering how you can incorporate enzymes into your beauty routine. An enzyme face mask is a great way to work enzymes into your routine and can have powerful benefits for your skin.

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are chemicals that speed up a chemical reaction without actually being consumed by the reaction. They act as catalysts for reactions. Enzymes are found throughout your body and assist in all kinds of chemical processes like metabolism and digestion. When used in a skincare routine, enzymes can increase the production of collagen and remove dead skin cells, resulting in skin that is younger-looking and glowing.

How Does an Enzyme Face Mask Work?

An enzyme mask works by exposing your skin to powerful enzymes for a specified amount of time. This allows the enzymes to break down dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and penetrate inwards to the new skin that is developing, encouraging collagen production and moisturizing.face mask

How to Use an Enzyme Face Mask

To use an enzyme mask, simply follow the directions that come with the mask. Usually, you will clean your skin before applying the peel off face mask. The mask should be smoothed over your skin so that there is clean contact between your skin and the ingredients in the mask.

 Don’t leave the mask on any longer than is recommended, since the enzymes can be powerful and lead to skin irritation over time. If you can feel your skin tingling or believe that you may be especially sensitive to enzymes, don’t leave the mask on for as long as is recommended by the package and use enzymes only about once a week at most, especially at the beginning.

Ingredients in Enzyme Masks

Enzyme masks can be made of a variety of different ingredients. You may be surprised by just what makes the best enzyme mask. In general, enzymes are taken from fruit or vegetables, since natural ingredients like these are both potent and effective. Here are some of the many ingredients that you can expect to find in a high-quality enzyme mask.


If your skin is dull or dry or if you are prone to acne or have scarred or red skin, the enzymes in pineapple may be exactly what you’re looking for. These powerful enzymes reverse free radical damage, resulting in smoother and more even skin texture. Furthermore, enzymes and pineapple can unclog pores and reduce redness, alleviating the symptoms of acne.

Papaya face mask

Whether your skin is prone to acne or has pigmentation issues for some other reason such as damage from the sun or simply aging, you will love the capacity of papaya enzymes to lighten red marks and scars and reduce redness across the skin. Papaya enzymes can also lock in moisture and have lots of antioxidants to reduce the damage from free radicals.face mask


If your skin is hyper pigmented or dull, and if you have a combination skin type, pumpkin may be just the right type of enzyme for you. Pumpkin can enhance your cells’ turn over so that your skin looks younger. It can also brighten any dark spots or discoloration and smooth out uneven skin. Vitamins A and C in pumpkin help to boost collagen production which also makes your skin look younger.

Try an Enzyme Face Mask Today

An enzyme mask isn’t at all difficult to use, but the positive benefits for your skin can be amazing. Whatever type of skin you have or skin issues you are suffering from, an enzyme mask can help.