What’s this extramarital affair all about? In olden days it was considered a pride, which nowadays its just a fashion statement. While some think it can be hidden forever, while not realizing that it takes their real relationship at stake.

If relationship is healthy, there is spice in life, romance, sex, friendship all that you need in a marriage, the spouse takes efforts and does all those extra things, then we are sure that there cannot be any such chances for affair.

But then when I heard the story of my colleagues’ ex-boss, he was a family man, perfect gentleman, equally romantic towards his wife. Everything that a wife needs he would do. But then sometimes, they say the more it is the less we feel. The rumors started brewing, it was fine until it was rumors, but the shock was when wife caught the husband red handed with enough proofs to sue him. And the answer from the man was shocking, that he wanted some spice in life. Now this is something that we never expected.

Here the issue is communication. Its mere truth, over the time, every relationship is taken for granted. If husband is providing basics for the family, he considers it as his duty, while if he does a bit extra, then he takes it as his pride and expects the other person to respect more.extramarital affair

At times, each one gets bound with the fear of family, status, society, religion etc.

I know few ladies, even after knowing the facts their husbands were having an affair, have never raised their voice nor have thought of divorce or leaving the family. It was about the thought of their kids, and then the future as to how to live a life without the husband.

Question here is , the boss had an affair with the secretary, may be he will marry her? Now if the same was done by his wife, had an affair for whatever reason, how would everyone react?

Cannot prepare or plan these things prior, but surely can control our selves.  Having an affair is easy but then the consequences paid for it might cost a lot.

  1. Kids state of mind
  2. Broken family
  3. Part of gossips
  4. No satisfaction even with the new relationships
  5. Divorce

While in European countries, extramarital affair sounds very easy, same trend is changing in other countries as well.

List of Hollywood and Bollywood as per given below on the link.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston when he started working with Angelina Jolie on the film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It wasn’t long until there were reports that Pitt was cheating on Aniston with Jolie. This rumor was later confirmed, and Pitt and Aniston got a divorce in 2005. And then he married Ms. Jolie, While they are not together now either.

extramarital affair

Angelina Jolie, Brad & Aniston

Link for Hollywood: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/cheaters-of-hollywoods-most-shocking-celebrity-affairs.html/

Link for Bollywood celebrities: https://www.msn.com/en-in/entertainment/bollywood/23-open-secret-affairs-of-famous-bollywood-celebs/ss-AAplivF#image=4

They say everything is fair in war and love. But don’t go for war to get that extra love. Rather try to seek it from the one you already loved.

There are quite many stories which we will discuss going forward.

Until then do share if you have any such stories.

Yours Truly,

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