Story 5 & 6 : Family story with beautiful morals

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Dedicated to all Family members and Friends !
One day I went to market to buy Grapes
Me: How much for a kilo..??
Seller: kilo Rs. 80..sir
There were some loose grapes on the other corner of the cart..
Me: what’s the price for these ..??
Seller: kilo Rs. 30 only ..sir
He was selling the loose ones at very less price…
When asked the same he said;
they are also good but they have separated from the bunch.. 😊🍇🍇
When we are separated from our relations , friends and family our value and strength decreases too.
Don’t detach yourself from the bunch.
Be always in touch with your family, friends and relations.
Family story is dedicated to all Families members and Friends
STORY 6: A short story with a BIG MESSAGE.

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Son decides to admit his father in the old age home as desired by his wife (the daughter in law).
He brings his father in the car to an Orphanage cum old age home run by a Christian priest.
The receptionist gives different choices like TV, AC , Veg etc. Father says No TV, AC etc.
Son goes out to bring luggage from car. The wife calls up to check whether all fine. And also insists that father need not come home even for festivals.
The Christian priest appears and talks to the old man. Son wonders and asks the Christian priest whether he knows his father before as they were talking as though they knew each other.

Christian priest says..yes. He came here 30 years back and took with him an orphan boy in adoption.

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