Love is an elusive feeling that may be hard to put down into words oftentimes. That’s because every person has a different experience of love and may vary based on one’s personality and circumstances.

There are many kinds of love, such as love for one’s family or friends, but the most hyped and literally breathtaking kind of love is romantic love between two people. Romantic love is different in the sense that there is an erotic component to it, which can make a person feel a whole range of emotions that is not present in other relationships.

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Romantic love

Romantic relationships are unique because three types of attraction must be present for it to work: physical attraction, emotional attraction, and mental attraction. Physical attraction is usually the main driving force in why people go into romantic relationships.

No one wants to date someone they’re not physically attracted to, even if they care and think he/she is a good person and have a mental connection. On the other hand, physical attraction isn’t enough to sustain a relationship long-term.

There must also be emotional and mental compatibility between two people for them to build a life together and get through arguments and differences, which are challenges every couple has to go through and come to terms with, one way or another.

Our bodies have a way of knowing whether a person is compatible with us or not. Here are signs according to Science you can check in to know when you’re feeling in love:

1.   Feeling Like You’re high

Being attracted to someone releases a cocktail of hormones in your body like dopamine (feeling good hormone), oxytocin (the bonding hormone), and cortisol (stress hormone), which creates unique sensations in your body and akin to feeling high. This is especially strong within the first few months of a relationship, where you are just getting to know each other and getting yourself accustomed to each other’s lifestyle.

2.    You Can’t Stop Staring at Them Lovingly

The eyes are windows to the soul. Thus, it is perfectly normal that you can’t stop staring at your beloved and appreciating them for all their beauty and think how so damn lucky you are. Also, studies have shown that prolonged eye contact boosts intimacy among couples and increases feelings of attraction for each other.

3.    You can’t get them off Your Mind

The brain releases a chemical called Phenethylamine (a.k.a. love drug), which is responsible for making us feel like we can’t get the person we’re attracted to off our mind. We think that we cannot live a day without the presence of our beloved!

4.    They Become Very Important in Your Life

When you love someone, you want them to be happy and find yourself doing things for them and going out of your way to attend to their needs. Even if you are stressed or busy, you’ll always find time to connect with them or buy them things to show that you care. Also, you consider the other person when making important plans and decisions because they are now an important part of your life and want to share it with them.

Romantic love is a wonderful feeling that takes a unique combination for it to happen, so enjoy and cherish it as much as possible! Often it may feel like you don’t understand what’s happening, but these are general sure-fire signs to know you’re just falling in love and feel comfortable in the process.

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