I would get nervous thinking of stay outside around deserts or near to sea or forests. Coz I fear for a lot of things, like wild animals, no washrooms, no water, emergency etc. now this fear sounds extreme. But then suddenly our family decides let’s go camping for overnight during the recent Public holiday in Dubai.

When I was hesitant to answer, wanted to say NO, its my little niece who requests me to take her for camping. She is jus 6 years old and she is like its too much fun, as her teacher just explained during the class. Now saying NO to her means, it’s like breaking a heart.

So here we go for our FIRST CAMPING EXPERIENCE. we drove all the way from Dubai to FUJAIRAH – AL AQAH camping area.


Pre-planning for camping was not less than international travel. Total people travelling were around 4 adults and 2 kids. We started to list the things and we realized we don’t have 50% of the things.

Here is our list of top camping essentials that we started with.

  • Big tent easy operating tent
  • Foldable Chairs
  • Foldable Tables
  • Mini cooking range
  • Mattress + beddings
  • Flash light

Ok, these were the things that were required but unavailable with us. So we had to go shopping around to source these. Online options were available, but time frame to order was not sufficient.

Then starts the other basics. Here is the list

  • Lunch plans / Dinner plans – don’t forget your Maggie noodles / breads / cheese as these are life saving foods.
  • Junk snacks
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Swim wear (since we were going to beach area)
  • Grocery
  • Medical kit (including mosquito repellent / bandages / Vaseline / blister treatments)

Few other lists of items that are recommended:

  • Tools like Knife / peeler / paper plates / cups / spoons / sufficient water bottles / tissue rolls / wet wipes / ice box / soaps / handwashes / match sticks or lighters / trash bags / power banks
  • Don’t forget important documents- ID’s / money /
  • Books / pens / pencil etc

Based on our first experience we are sharing few top camping tips – do’s and don’ts’ s, which may help you for your camping.

  1. Do research – for the place you planned to visit, check for reviews if available, check for road maps.
  2. Invest on good quality camping kits – I know you might not keep going regularly camping, but having good quality stuff can save you from any damages that may occur during your stay.
  3. Plan your meals – cooking will be required, especially if you have kids. Also, if you don’t have restaurants nearby you need prepare your food. So, plan some quick easy menu for each time. Also make a note, you are not going to spend your time cooking and cleaning… u should be enjoying your time as well.
  4. Entertainment plans: if you are going with family or friends, you should have entertainment plans, be it games, or music or camp fire …
  5. Clothing: take sufficient clothing, you may drench in waters or sand or any situational cause, you need to be prepared.
  6. Light packing: please note, if you have visited prior you would know the distance to walk, exact place etc. but if you are new camper like us, we had to carry lot of stuff and walk over the sand… I know you can imagine…
  7. Bedding: when we camped, we did not realize sleeping would be a challenge, the sand makes its very hard to sleep. And we realized it next day. So, try to carry some flexible mattress or may be inflatable mattress. It’s different that sleep will not be peaceful if you are around the beach, coz the waves are pretty loud and disturbing, and surely fearful if you are not used to.
  8. Rest Room: place where we planned to camp, had no restrooms. Hence, we first had to find a place where we could use this facility. We had to drive few minutes away. This was the common restroom for all the campers.
    Morning Sunrise

    worth the watch – Morning Sunrise

Above pics are of our first ever camping experience.

Once you are set with all the things, take some time to sit back and relax, we were around the beach area, so we got our time to enjoy the cool breeze, waves, and watching stars was amazingly pleasant.

Overall, I loved the camping experience and would love to keep doing this once in a while.

Its not only budget friendly, but also perfect when you cannot travel overseas perfect for those just who are stressed and need a break. Efforts are there, but experience will be worth it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Do share and leave your comments.

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Yours truly,

Queen Bee