MNS’s have it all, here is our first job experience. A team full of energy, an office that never sleeps, never ending events, marathon , cyclothon, weekend stress-busters, potluck breakfasts, offshore visitors, team huddle, annual party, team outing, ethnic days, corporate events, wedding invites and so on.

Just out of college, what more to ask for. Being treated like the littlest creatures in office, literally on the so called ‘ Honeymoon period’, long lunch breaks and frequent pantry visits, meeting your college mates and having a chat sipping tea or coffee, we had the best time as professionals. In the First Job the joy of getting your first salary is incomparable, the happiness in buying a new phone for yourself, the pleasure of buying gifts for family was all a part of this journey towards building our career.

First Job - College to MNC Life

College to MNC Life – First Job

Benefits of working in an MNC

  1. Practical Knowledge:

I was away from family for the first time. Though this period was short lived, we made the best of it. From arranging a cab for pickup and drop with the spoc, or miss it and take a bus in the new city, to taking photocopies or print outs on our own. We learnt it all. Being on the day shift, supporting Asia Pacific, mornings started with good mornings to the team, few months of knowledge transfer and shadowing our seniors followed with work getting distributed, out of which we would get the simplest and the least in our initial days, gradually increased to the level of frustration and arguments for the inequality in job distribution. Anyhow this is the scene in most work places.

  1. Newbies:

We made new friends, new whatsapp groups, office communicator (OC) the most used chat window. I remember one instance wherein a message popped up – “ Hey Bum” from one of our friends. Sheesh!!! It was totally fine if my system wasn’t occupied by my manager at that time. Pretty embarrassing! Every year there came another lot of new joinees, which made us envy them. I missed my college friends there, it would double the fun and excitement. Nevertheless, it made way to know new people.

  1. System shenanigans:

My shift timings were 9am-6pm, and at dot 6.00, you need to give up your system, since the US Shift begins at that time. That used to be a havoc at times, in case we need to stretch, we have to literally hunt for a free system and take over. It’s always good to use your supernatural powers and patafy a guy in this case, they’ll be at your service for any help needed. Plus point about system sharing is, you can leave on time cos you have a reason.

  1. Food Court and Cafeteria’s:

Saturday and Sunday would be a day off. Friday used to be the weekend, and it calls for a treat to self. Food court used to be our favorite place to chill, watch a glimpse of the cricket match in between the breaks, take a stroll on the lawn, enjoy watching the ducks in the pond, we had a gala time.First half of the month would be to take an auto, stuff 6-7 people and go to a fancy Chinese restaurant which was 1km away. Second half of the month we would end up in a dhaba on the opposite street, or use our sodexo coupons for a tummy filling meal. The opposite wing cafeteria had a momo and a dessert place, which we would visit occasionally to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings or when we had a fat amount in hand.

  1. Festivities:

Supporting Team India, we enjoyed most holidays of the year. Every occasion was celebrated in full swing. Competition for best dressed male and female, best decorated department and many more. December used to be a month full of surprises, decorations, holidays, cakes and candies. Lucky was the one who got gifts all through the month from their secret Santa, they played cupid more than being a Santa. Evidenced many love stories and breakups, couples working in different shifts, secret admirers, chorichupke relationships, OC crush’s. Well worth the experiences.

There are also some disadvantages of having such a cool ambiance. You make your own comfort zone and then it gets difficult to come out of it. Hence, people work for years in the same company, sometimes not much difference with the roles even. You become stagnant. Everyone is not blessed with getting a day shift, quite annoying to cope up. It would also get challenging to accept new opportunities for the better, since you are following the same routine ever since.

Keeping all that aside, I still cherish those days and glad I dint miss this opportunity in working in an MNC my First Job.

Who can forget our ladies night at Crowne Plaza before we bid Farewell.

The best, life could give us in our 20s, Share yours!

Note: Above content drafted by a dear Friend based on her experience.

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