Do you feel tired and dozy all day? Whether you are a teen, young or a little aged person if you feel lazy all day, the reason is inadequate sleep. Inadequate sleep causes people at work or a student in the classroom feel sluggish and worn all day.

If you too have the same struggle, I am giving you 5 simple tips to improve your form.


Meditation is the primary, traditional and scientifically proven method for most of the body problems. It helps you fall asleep quickly by raising the melatonin level in your body. Melatonin is a hormone that signals your body to fall asleep at night if it is limited in the amount you stay awake for late at night.

Synthetic melatonin is also available. You can give meditation a try before using them.

Warm/Hot Water Bath

Taking a shower before sleeping makes your muscles eased, lessen anxiety and drops body stiffness. It also lowers your body temperature. These reasons must be enough to make you take a shower before bedtime.


Have you ever examined that an infant falls asleep quickly and fondly after a comforting massage? Well, that’s because it eases body muscles. It is proven by so many international organizations that body massage results in sound and adequate sleep.

Avoiding smartphones and laptops before sleeping

Smartphones and Laptop screens emit blue light which is harmful to our body. It interferes with the melatonin production in our body. Many health specialists suggest dodging blue light gadgets before a few hours of bedtime. However, if it is crucial for you to use them you can use applications to block blue light.

Many smartphones are having pre-installed blue light blocking applications but if it is not available in your gadget you can install a third-party app on your phone or as of new trend you can use blue light filter glasses.

Using Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium is responsible for many enzymatic reactions in our bodies. It makes a calming effect on the body, reduces blood pressure and builds deep sleep patterns.

This supplement is generally for older people. Teens must not use them without a doctor’s guide. General Dosage is 300 to 500mg. Mostly who are grieving from insomnia use it. Magnesium also improves the intake of Calcium and Vitamin D3 and not seizing enough causes muscle cramps and annoyance.

Even I used these ways to overcome my sleep problems.

If you have some other ways you can share with us.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!