Friendships are not only about sharing your weirdest to the wisest thoughts, there’s much more to it. There are different phases of it, wherein you are totally zoned out once, and there’s a time when it is your biggest strengths.

From Big Boss topics to Marriage Advises, from Vacay Goals to Family Planning, from Fitness challenges to Sharing Recipes, these from and to’s will go on and on.

Me with my Friends

When I got married and moved to Kuwait, I dint know anyone here, new people, new place, everything was quite frustrating. But there was still this existing whatsapp group with dormant members in it. Members – my 2 best friends, who I talk to always but on separate chats. We never got quite active on the group chat except from sharing memes or pictures or deciding a place to meet when we were all in Mangalore. I was jobless then and they were working, so it dint quite seem right for me to disturb them in between their schedule.

It just went on with private chats until the day something triggered with one of us. What was it you ask; it was the damn EXTRA KILOS. So since then, the group was named Fitness Fairies, but did we live up to that name???? Well probably we lied to each other to keep up the motivation and not sink in the same boat. We kept helping each other with motivational quotes, diet plans, healthy recipes, exercises and yoga postures etc. Till date we are not out of topics.

Let’s start with some basic points how to keep this ship sailing slow and strong

Don’t go by the Myth: There is no sorry and no thank you. Don’t make this a thumb rule for friendships. Apparently there should be gratefulness and apologies in every relationship. You can be thankful to your friends even when they send you just a rainbow emoji to brighten up your mood.

Spill the beans: Some secrets are too good to be kept as a secret. JUST REVEAL. “Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll tell my girls”. They can give ideas, guidance, positive or negative, just take it all and let go of what is inappropriate. Every opinion matters at some point of time.

Break the Ice: There’s nothing to fear, when your friends are dear. There are times when we might feel like a complete stranger, when one of them exits the group by feeling offended or being targeted. Add them back to the group immediately; it’ll save you from a lifetime of regret. Be good, talk good, don’t take things too seriously. Don’t Judge.

Avoid Political and Religious Topics: We can never be on the same page whatsoever; certainly that’s why it’s said opposites attract. Don’t be a critic in this matter; there are people to take care of this. You can continue with your trivial chats.

Send long emails once in a while: One fine busy day in your 30’s, 40’s or even later when you are looking for your ID/ passport copy/ Experience letters (After 40’s, it’ll be more like searching for your Blood Sugar Report or Cholesterol Report) in your email and you come across emails from friends or ex colleagues, it’ll definitely bring back your faded memory. Obviously you’ll feel old, but at the same time laugh about your immature personality and how you have evolved. Possibility of finding love letters/ assignment copies from school/college days are common as well.

Friendship goals

Besties forever

Share an Old creepy pic of each other: Nostalgia is the key to start a conversation. Well it is! Stumble upon some old pictures that can make you LOL, ROFL and also FOMO. First thing you’ll do is change the display picture of the group, then share them on insta stories and it just takes you in the flashback of the event.

Finally, talk your heart out, after all a piece of it is already with them.

Let your notification grow from 1 to 100 a minute. A rainbow on a lousy day is all you need.

Happy Sailing

P.S: From being Fitness Fairies we are now Fitness Bridezillas (we have a bridie on board)

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee