In Mid 2021, I decided to quit my job, which gave me good growth, a good package, a good workspace. But all good had something, that made me take a step of quitting. One fine day, I went up to my boss and gave my resignation. It was hard for me, while it was a shock for my boss. While being an obedient employee, I chose to give a simple reason, I want to take a break, have some personal commitments.

But then, what was the real reason behind my quitting? Was I frustrated by a lack of upward mobility? Or was I not being compensated fairly? Did I clash with your manager? or any colleague?

well, questions can be many, but at that time, a simple answer was only my answer. well, just my buddies knew what was the real reason. Well, it was a final decision from my end.

Now, it was after 7 months, I get a call, asking if I was willing to join back. I was equally shocked and surprised. the company I left was offering me a position back… Like it was a dream. Of course, I couldn’t say no.

By the way, I thought I had followed a policy to not join the same company that I quit for any reason. But why did I break my own rule?

Rules are after all made to break. The truth is everything is situational.

Well, before I share why I joined back the same company, let me share the reason why I quit.

  • I was stressed with the office politics, though never wanted to be a part, and always thought I could speak up, I could not. office politics was not related to the employees, but surely it was coz of our boss.
  • Boss was the reason, why I left, his favoritism, his way of treating people, his ego, tone of talking did bother me a lot. I know you will say, this is common. well, I have been working in this industry for years now, I too understand what is common and what is not.
  • Lastly, I did have some personal commitments and was in a state to quit. I did work on my financials, had planned some work that I would want to do if I quit.

Well, now let me share my view of why I joined.

  • How many companies, will call an employee to offer a job back?

    • Was I the best employee? I don’t think so.
    • Was I paid a small amount? Nope.

Yes, this thought of the management to offer me a job, was something I am proud of myself. It’s ok, whatever may be the reason from their end.

The company I work for is a multi-national company, having different nationalities employees, they get 100’s of resume each day, from beginners to well experienced. They can hire anyone, pay for any kind of package. But they thought of giving me a chance when I did not even dream of this, is one of the main reasons I wanted to take this offer.

  • My Boss quit the job

Right, that’s true, the man who was one of the reasons for my quitting, quit the job. That makes me take my decision very easy.

  • I was not starting from scratch:

The best part of going back to work at the same place was, I was not starting from scratch. I was already knowing the majority of people, aware of working processes, procedures, customers, etc. Of course, some changes must have happened. Also had a new boss.

  • Considering the current market situation

After COVID, the market situation is not that great when it comes to job search. People struggle to get jobs, while I feel I am blessed.

Well, these were some of my key reasons to say Yes to my new job offer.

Now, since I joined the same company back, I have to be very careful. People will have high expectations from me. Since I come with experience, knowledge, so they will not be easy to spend time teaching me things.  They will want me to take over my work duties maybe from day 1. Coordinate with people and be responsive. And honestly same happened. I was part of the meeting on day 1. There was not much introduction.

More of, the welcome was so warm, felt I am back from vacation. Started to take over work from day 1.

Well, have promised me, to do my best, stay true to my work, be honest. But surely will not take any bull shit, especially, when it comes to respecting. I will not want to compromise, RESPECT to anything. For that matter, will not crib about increments or bonuses, but respect me so I can respect you, and we can work as a team.

I know after reading this it’s easy to judge me, that I gave up so easily. But that’s not a fact. I have been sticking to jobs for years, but then I have come to a point, where I can’t handle certain things rather don’t want to get tortured. I cannot correct anyone who is illtreating me, coz that’s not in my hand. But, I can figure out what I can do to save myself. Yes, I can stick to that troublesome job, if I am ready to be sleepless due to stress, feel humiliated in front of people, if I need money to survive.

If this was the only company in the world, maybe I would stick to it may be, but surely that’s not the situation. Its a job, and I am not a tree, so I chose to take my call, plan my exit in a good way, learn to love and respect myself, coz If I did not do it, I wouldn’t be writing this. and I am feeling proud, when I am writing this.

Don’t know what’s in store for tomorrow, but surely Proud today. So having said all this, have a beautiful day and week ahead.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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Best Regards,

Laveena Pinto / Queen Bee