Life And Work Are Inseparable

Every human being desires to live a life full of excitement and happiness without any kind of tension or stress. Nobody likes to deal with a hectic schedule full of duties and responsibilities as everybody wants to have an easy-going life. If given a chance, no one would like to work hard instead would prefer to live a luxurious and comfortable life without making an effort to achieve it.

Do you want to live your whole life like a vacation? The answer will definitely be ‘yes’ by almost everyone. The truth about life is that nothing in the world is free of cost. We need money even to fulfil the basic needs of our life -food, clothes and shelter. We can earn money by doing a job or a business or maybe some other profession. Even if you are diligent, your talent and skills won’t matter till the time you are being paid for it.

We can only fantasize about a totally free life without any compulsion of employment, but in reality, it does not exists. In order to survive in this progressive and competitive world, we need to work hard as much as possible.

Even the richest person on the earth cannot go for a vacation all the time because he has to continue working in order to maintain his status and reputation in society. Always remember a basic fact – “Work does not need us as much as we need it.”

Why Is Work So Essential In Our Life?

Several reasons reflect the importance of work in our lives. Some of them are as follows:

Build Self-Confidence: Paid work helps in building your self-confidence as you get to know your self-worth when you realize that you are good at something, and you are being paid for it.

Financial Independence: Once you start working, you realize the fact that the money you are earning is yours and hence, makes you financially independent.

Helps In Socialization: When you start working, your social circle enlarges, and you can make new friends as well as have more professional contacts.

Enhanced self-esteem: If you are engaged in some meaningful work, and you are being paid for it, you develop a feeling of enhanced self-esteem as now you can financially support your parents and other family members.

A Sense Of Personal Achievement: If you are appreciated for your work, you develop a sense of personal achievement within you which keeps you happy and positive.

How Does It feels When You Have To Go Back To Work After Vacation?

There can not be a generalized opinion in this matter as different people might differ in their views and opinions. Most of the people will not be very comfortable going back to the same life of work, especially after a wonderful vacation. When you are on vacation, you are in a relaxed state of mind with no tensions and worries at that time as you temporarily escape from them.

Once the vacation is over, you have to return to the same old routine of work full of tension and stress. Switching over from a relaxed state of mind to a daily routine of work is the most difficult task for people belonging to all age groups.

Even children do not like going to school after Saturday and Sunday as Sunday is a holiday and Saturdays are less hectic. Once the weekend is over, the next day is Monday and children are very reluctant to get up early in the morning to start a new week after a relaxed weekend, and there is a famous phrase on this ‘Monday Morning Blues’.

‘Blues’ in the phrase mentioned above symbolizes laziness, lack of happiness and joy, tiredness, tension etc. This phrase is not just meant for children as it applies to everyone who has a calm and peaceful weekend full of enjoyment and has to return to work on Monday mornings.

Women who are working feel a double burden after coming back from a vacation and again getting into domestic responsibilities as well as official work. They have to be more patient and adjusting as compared to men and children.

Enjoy Each Day Like A Vacation

Work is an indispensable part of your life, so start enjoying your work life as well. Live each moment joyfully and try to find something positive out of each day. If you have such thinking, you will not miss your vacation time as each day will become an enjoyable day for you.