I have been crazy junkie when it comes to Hindi serials… I hate them as much I love them… I feel I get connected with the characters in some episodes, while I have them equally in some.

From childhood, just like any neighbour aunty, gossiping about serials was so much fun. My parents enjoyed the serials in Kannada, while I enjoyed Hindi.


Happy, my mother-in-law liked Hindi serials… even if don’t share much info on anything else, serials are a for sure talk that can go for hours. Well, she is very much into it, not just series, but also characters personal life too.


The kind of plots we have in Hindi serials, I am like, its not necessary to kill someone you need to watch CRIME PATROL, even our Hindi serials are good enough.

Where on earth do they find such hot men, who own such big businesses? Even if they don’t own business, why do they look so cute, loving and caring.

Why do they fall in love with a character mostly soft spoken, poor girl.

Boss falling in love with a staff, age difference made to look damn stylish.

Marriage is such a fun festival in our serials, the décor, the outfits, the dramas, and they follow every function that happens in a real weeding… even so many guests.. well not every time,

sometimes family members are crowd.


And tell me one thing, what is it like to have everyone come and stay in your house, who the hell has such big houses. A family of 2 sons, with their aunt, then wife’s sisters, wife’s family, a new character met on streets, stepmother, and name it you find them under one roof.

Here I am struggling to invite my mother to stay with me for one night, coz my husband must sleep out, as we have a two BHK, while the other room my MIL stays.  Like where.


Why do characters not discuss the things, problems clearly, why do they speak loud in their minds? Why? Why? why?

Wife is pregnant, husband doesn’t know, it’s their child, they don’t know, mother is poor, but doesn’t tell the sons, husband is upset but doesn’t want wife to know, boss is in love with this girl.


Why does the boss fall in love with the staff so easily? I have bosses I am working since years now. Please my bosses are firstly not so cool. They are mostly married, and surely elder enough.

I hardly found any young, handsome, and well-dressed boss. Well dressed means who is always with suit and tiehindi serials.

Again, girl is just not interested in you, she is living her own life, why fall in love with that girl? Why do you do things for her? Why do u favour her? Why do you handle all non-sense of hers? HOPE… serials back bone is this story line..


Now, mostly either of the main character is from a rich family? Ok don’t ask me what’s the business, they can do anything yet remain rich.

When they go bankrupt or business is at stake, there is no one who can help.. it’s the girl from the poor family who does almost everything. Rich family loses money, and they land up at the rented residence of this girl… Like spare me.

There are no family members who can help, they don’t have backup, what the hell?

hindi serials

Plotting of marriage is another level, the hero, wants to marry the heroine, but villain who can be anyone like boys mother, his friend, his uncles son… or rather ex. Girlfriend of the hero.. anyone can plot the drama in such a way, we can watch it in never ending series.


This is a jist of what I had in my mind… and then I watch off-lines stories of my favorite TV show characters… and they are buzy making fun reels, sharing cool interviews. Are they really not hating each other? If not, how can they act so well? How can they get into character?

And then I also read, the hero and heroine are not compatible and do not talk to each other on the sets… what is this? When I see them on screen, romancing, I wish they get married in real life too…Hindi Serials


Maybe this is one topic I can go on and on… let me see if I can add more to this topic.. until then enjoying reading and sharing this piece. oh by the way I will not give up on watching these serials. I still get entertained.. notthing that i learn, but surely a good time pass.

Let me know your favorite shows and characters.

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Laveena Pinto / Queen Bee