Holy places in Dubai – Visiting Religious Places Will Lead Us Towards Inner Peace And Spirituality

Why religious places topic? No, I’m not very religious, but I believe in God.  I live in Dubai, people write a lot on various places, foods etc. Very less is known on the Holy places in Dubai. So I chose this topic. Living in Dubai for more than 12+ years, have visited all of them, which places like Guru Nanak Mandir + Bur Dubai Temple, St Mary’s church are few regular ones.

God is all around us then why do we have to visit the religious places? The answer to this question is that the positive energy and purity of a religious place attracts us towards itself. Selfishness, greed, corruption, dishonesty, violence are the major factors that have altered the positive side of human beings.

Everybody is running in the race to succeed, and for achieving success, some people do not hesitate in following a wrong path that might be beyond the level of humanity. People are killing each other in terms of communal hatred and discrimination, thefts and robberies have become common.

Holy places in Dubai

Sexual harassment, rapes, online frauds, cheatings etc. are also the worst factors that contribute towards the degradation of humanity. Value of relationships has somehow lost in the greed for materialistic assets.

People consume drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroine etc. that has a harmful effect on their health. Such a scenario around us can make us lose our inner peace which can be regained by visiting a holy place. The world has turned out to be so negative that visiting a holy place and meditation can help you in being happy and positive.

The house of God is full of selflessness, love and affection, and you can acquire these traits by visiting such places. A true path requires a lot of strength and courage, and God is the only source which can help you in gaining such qualities.

Let’s Explore Famous Religious Places In Dubai

Dubai is a diverse community where people belonging to different religions live together in harmony with each other. There are several religious places for respecting the spiritual beliefs of diverse residents. I have visited a few of the Holy places in Dubai, unfortunately never tried clicking pictures at this place considering the security and my faith.

Iranian Red Crescent built the Mosque in 1979. The diverse Shia population of the UAE, along with 5 lakh strong Iranian communities in Dubai, visit this place. The Mosque is located in the Iranian area of Satwa with its Persian design. The architectural beauty of the Mosque is really attractive and mesmerizing.

One of my favorite places to visit for any kind of mood. Happy, sad, hungry any reason. People belonging to different castes and creeds can visit this gurudwara, and there are around 12000 visitors who visit this gurudwara every week. The inauguration of this gurudwara took place in January 2012. This religious place won the Guinness Book of World Record for hosting 101 nationalities over a continental meal in 2017. This place is an architectural blend of modern and traditional designs to make it a homely shrine for all the worshippers. Only place where meals are served from Morning hrs till late PM for all the devotees visiting the religious place. Covering your head is a compulsion prior entering the prayer hall.   Holy places in Dubai

Meal is cooked by the devotees with the help of Darbar committee people. Apart from meals Kada Prashad is served every time.

This Hindu religious place has Shiva and Krishna shrines separately for its diverse devotees. Hindu Idol stores and Marigold garland shops welcome devotees to this oldest Hindu temple of Dubai which lies in the heart of textile souk. This temple dates back to 1950 and marks Dubai’s commitment to diversity and plurality.

Has a special place for SAI BABA for the bhakths to visit and seek blessings.

This church was inaugurated in 1967, and since then it offers services in multiple languages. This church is visited by diverse catholic community and is located in the bustling lanes of Oud Metha in Dubai. This Church has an adjoining School and is one of the oldest churches in UAE.

The Derasar Jain temple is a quaint house temple and serves as a religious temple to about 10 thousand people in Dubai belonging to the Jain community. Jain temple is located in Bur Dubai, and this shwetambar Jain temple is the home of Jain deity Vimalantha. It is one of the five Derasar temples of Dubai.

Tours to this religious Shrine are organized by Sheikh Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) in order to organize programs for fostering interfaith tolerance welcoming the non- Muslim community of Dubai to visit this place. Anyone can register for the Majlis in the Mosque and enjoy Arabian hospitality with great breakfast and tea. This Mosque is one of the most beautiful Mosques of Dubai with its photogenic features and traditional Fatimid style.

This Mosque is also known as the Blue Mosque of Dubai, which is located in AI Safa. Its design is deeply inspired from the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. Inscriptions and structures are Ottoman inspired and have Iznik styled interiors which makes this religious place as an epitome of beauty. It can accommodate upto 2,000 worshippers and also welcomes non-muslim worshippers regularly.

Try To Be A Pure Soul

We all are imperfect and not completely balanced in life. We should try to have good intentions in our mind without thinking of harming anyone, physically as well as emotionally.

For me personally, either of the places are space for relaxing the chaos from the outside world. Change or review myself, taking time to visit these places and enjoying the peace is ultimate.

Let us know if you have any religious places that you choose to opt your inner peace.

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