It all started from the time we returned from BAKU, our first overseas family trip around 13th of March, 2020 . Flights were reduced, everyone was supposed to wear masks. And then its Quarantine period. Initally few days were nice, it was fun all the day inside the house, empty roads. But then it started getting challenging everyday. Im with my husband and pets. Honestly we have not stepped out for the house for straight 20 days, just like many others. did not even start our car for these days. This is not easy. But point was, how can we utilize these days and make them memorable ones? Yes, wanted to utilize this time for doing things that we have not done.

All this while, whenever we have holidays, we would travel hometown to Mangalore. But this time it was different. We were locked in together. I love being with him. But challenges were cooking food all the day from breakfast to dinner… cleaning home, kitchen.. but he is a kind human being that he always helps me.

How did I utilize my quarantine days? During this time, here are few things that i did:

  • Managing Kitchen – Yes it was from morning breakfast to lunch to dinner. In between snacks and desserts. Tried few recipes – #Dalgonacoffee which was trending on social media.                                                                                                              Direct link for my Insta account:
  • Content writing – I’m still very passionate about my website. Doing researches, writing topics and related contents did continue during this time.
  • Media – Did spend a lot of time on social media – Instagram / Facebook / also watching Netflix / Amazon Prime and lot other stuff. Some new series and movies we watched also old movies were re-watched.
  • honing my skills – yes, i tried TikTok to make some crazy videos. Apart from that tried hands on painting. few of my paintings are posted on my insta account.. Link as per below.

  • Work from Home – since i joined a new job recently, i was supposed to monitor my work, process. So did work from home as well.
  • Here’s a fun stuff that i tried, as forwarded by my friend. – Google earth and 3D view, which can be accessed through mobile app or desktops. I can say its good time pass and 3D street view really gives good view experience. Famous places in world can be explored from anywhere.
  • Online / off-line games – few new games were my time pass. Also did play few cards games and LUDO with my better half.
  • we did our bit of charity to help the under privileged.


  1. Its Family Time: Over the last few years have been really busy and hectic for all of us. We never use to get much time to spend with the whole family together as most of the members were not available at the same time, but now we have all the time to be around our loved ones, chit chat with them, take care of them, laugh out on jokes together, etc. It is one of the biggest blessings that was not seen in this progressive century before.
  2. We All Are Equal – All of us are indulged in the household work like washing clothes and utensils, cooking, cleaning, etc. There is nobody to work under us, for example, a servant or a maid, and even we are not working for anyone at the workplace.At this point of time, we all are equal as everyone is working independently for himself/ herself, and nobody is a boss or an employee for anyone. Enjoy the movement of equality as this might not be seen in future. God is making us realize that every human being is his creation, and we are nobody to discriminate and assign different categories to different people.
    1. A Time To Revive Our Childhood: We can do all those things in this period of time, which we use to love doing during our childhood and revive our beautiful memories. Play games like ludo, snakes, and ladders; paper games like raja rani chor sipahi, zero-cross, and other games like hiding, and seeking, dark-room, etc. We can turn around this time into a joyful vacation for us, which has to be spent indoors.
    2. An Interesting Way To Utilize The Empty Space On Terrace

    The outdoor games, which were earlier played outside the home or playground, can now be played on Terrance. Games like cricket, badminton, basketball, etc. can help us relieve ourselves from stress and tension. The space on the terrace can also be utilized for morning and evening walk. It is also a good part of this quarantine period that we are getting a chance to play these games inside our home and utilize the terrace, which earlier was not much in use.

    Quarantine Period – how others entertained us:

    I feel somewhere this period was made for some reason. Less or no accidents, no pollution, spending is limited mostly for basics, honing your skills, less of competition.

Pics credit: instagram images

Pics credit: instagram images

this was proved by social media, as mostly all were active on this all this time. While influencers, celebrities, ministers, media all were trying to keep the audience entertained with various programs, videos, acts, spreading positivity, bringing smiles on faces. a lot of charity work was happening all around.

  • All social media platforms played an important role during this time. Instagram / Facebook / TikTok and all other apps were used.
  • Celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone etc showed their skills in terms of cleaning the houses, cooking etc
  • Parents with kids at home tried new forms of cooking, teaching kids with the new process; e-learning, well moms have been the busiest during this time.
  • Married men, with family surely learnt a lot of things, especially challenges how a woman spends her day. While domestic violence also was increasing, but some can never be happy.
  • Work from home was trending, as people did normal work from homes, was a struggle but are getting through it.
  • Most of the apps were released with some great offers like zoom, google hangouts etc which made life easier to connect with our loved ones through video chatting.
  • Indian Prime Minister kept giving tasks to the public like – clapping for the healthcare industry for their tireless efforts + lights off on 5th April, 9PM for 9 Minutes. the best part was people participated with much love.
  • Loads of charity foundations were active to help the needy. It was proud feeling to see so many come forward to help the needy.

Quarantine overall has helped us in many ways, making us realize a lot of things. Gave a break from the stressful life which majority were crying over the last few years. Engraved the  qualities like generosity, patience, honesty, and learn to be humble, adjusting, and down to earth in this critical period and learn from it as much as we can.

while i post this content, social distancing is still on, in India lock-down period has been extended till May 15th, 2020. Hope to get back to our normal routine soon.

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Overall it was an amazing experience.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!