confidence is silent insecurities are loud – How do i overcome my insecurities


They Say, confidence is silent insecurities are loud, is it true? YES. Am i insecure of anything? Yes, Of course!! It’s human nature. How do i overcome my insecurities is what i have jotted down from my personal experience.

What do you mean by Insecure? Not confident, doubting oneself, less or no belief in self.

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For a few, there might other reasons like some memories, or trauma or some accidental behavior which has led to insecurity. However, for few its own creation. Which is in my case which we will discuss today in details.

My major insecurities are revolved with my looks, beauty, skin, color, etc. Like,

  1. I feel I’m overweight since last few years. Oh yes, wanted a dietician, nutritionist, wanted to spend money on everything
  2. My skin is dark, so I felt people don’t like me. I should do some whitening treatments.
  3. I’ve weird skin, hair, features, etc.

I know all these points out towards the self-obsession, but this is the truth.

How to overcome:

  1. Accept it, acknowledge it. What is wrong with me? For quite a few I’m beautiful, I’m smart, I’m talented, I’m courageous and a lot more. (these are noted from compliments that I got in past). I don’t think anyone would say this if I did not look that way in their eyes. I must accept what it is, face it, instead of cribbing it is better to start working on it. If overweight let’s start exercising.

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  1. Change the perspective: start loving yourself. I have started to tell myself I’m beautiful every day. I feel the change. Let me count my positive things rather than getting stuck with negative. Loving myself is my priority.


  1. I Ask questions to myself? – did anyone who loves me avoid me thinking I’m fat, ugly, shabby or any other reason? Did these insecurities stop me from achieving what you have done be it your studies or getting a job? NO, right. Then why bother. Why think of changing myself to be like others.
  2. Stop comparing: The major culprit in my mind is I compare myself to a third person whom I’ve no clue about, be a celebrity or to an influencer be it on YouTube or Instagram or to any of my friend. When it comes to my friends, I’ve started telling myself that they are my friends, coz they have accepted me for the way I’m for not what I’m trying to be. A celebrity to get ready has a dozen army, they are paid for their looks. Can I afford, is it worth comparing with them?confidence is silent insecurities are loud
  3. Focus on good and achievements: it includes my relationships be it my family or friends, standing by true people who stand with me through thick and thin. Take care of health. Learn new skills that can help in growing physically and mentally. Look back and see the growth and struggle that you have come across and the achievements, success that you have seen.

Indeed these are a few things which I will be working on myself during the coming months. My aim is to be happy, to do whatever makes me happy.Image result for stay strong happy

Well If you have any of your insecurities which you think you want or have changed in the recent past, and want to share, you are most welcome. Maybe it can help someone reading this to see that change they want to.…-changed-in-2019/ ‎

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!




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